Iberhunting is an official TRAVEL AGENCY of Spain with the Agency number C.I.MU.347.m - So BOOK with CONFIDENCE, we pledge a safe Quality hunting adventure in Spain

ambassador freddy conix

Freddy Conix Hunting Ambassador

Freddy Conix Iberhunting Ambassador

"Our good friend and expirience hunter Freddy, start to hunt with us for few years ago, before hi was not hunting out of Belgium nearly 5 years, after a very bad hunting expirience before. So, when hi comes to Spain the first time hi was, a litle bit worry, what will be going on, and since this first hunt we have the placer to have him and his friends every year with us. Freddy, already hunt with us 2 Gredos Ibex, 1 Ronda Ibex, 2 Aoudad sheep, 2 Monterias and the next will be Beceite Ibex and again Monteria ;;)). Thank you very much, Freddy!!"

Freddy Conix. Hunter.

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