Iberhunting is an official TRAVEL AGENCY of Spain with the Agency number C.I.MU.347.m - So BOOK with CONFIDENCE, we pledge a safe Quality hunting adventure in Spain

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Jorgen Erland Nielsen Hunting Ambassador

Jorgen Erland Nielsen Iberhunting Ambassador

"Joergen, is a great HUNTER with many years of experience behind them. Resident in Denmark, is the ambassador of Iberhunting for Denmark. Conveys all the information and values of Iberhunting. It will provide all the information regarding hunting programs. If you live in Denmark and want to hunt in Spain contact Joergen. Our friend Joergen, hunt with us for long time ago together with Jill, already hi have hunt, Gredos Ibex also females, Ronda Ibex, Sierra Nevada Ibex, Aoudad Sheep, also female sheep, fox and participate in our Monterias, his next hunt will be the Beceite Ibex, still open the Cantabrian Chamois and Pyriness Chamois. Believe us, Joergen have anough expirience hunting in Spain to give you the exactly information."

Jorgen Erland Nielsen. Hunter.

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