Hunting Cantrabian Chamois with Allan and Simon

Allan & Simon

YES, my friends Allan & Simon come back to hunt in Spain again with us, Iberhunting for the Cantrabian Chamois hunt, the Cantabrian chamois is the smallers Chamois of all the Chamois and only to hunt in Spain.

Well the first two days we get everything in the mountain, Rain, Wind and of course Fog ::(( but no problem for us hunters, we just go thrue the bad weather and get the first day our Chamoi Male.

Hunting Cantabrian Chamois

On the second day we was verya happy because the weather was the same as the day before so this is positive by high mountains, with a long stalk and soporting all rain we get pur female Chamois :))

This same day in the afternoon, we change the hunting area and we see we will have a realy bad weather for the next Chamois hunt, even the Ranger talk us it will be nearly impossibel to hun but we say it is better to be in the mountain hunting by strong rain as stay at the hotel, so we go the next morning and ::))) what was SUN all the day so it was very a wonder after few hours we see a very old female Chamoi on 353 m an take the chance, it we get it.

Hunting Cantabrian Chamois with Allan

Hunting Cantabrian Chamois with Simon

Hunting is Hunting, you never know the weather or your luck, but it is better to be in the Mountain ::))

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