Perfect hunt for a “Big Trophy” Aoudad Sheep

Aoudad Sheep Big Trophy

Well, after we hunt the Sierra Nevada Ibex we change the hunting area to go for one aoudad sheep. Our big surprise was early int he morning to see few sheep even in the darkness but something blond was moving and for me was it very clear we have a big aoudad sheep in the group.

As soon the day is coming we can see the aoudad sheep beautiful trophee he was all the time between the group and we know that in any moment he will go, so by the first opportunity i talk to Mads to shoot, he take the shoot on 278m. ¡Perfect!.

Aoudad Sheep Big Trophy

It was a realy emotion hunt again :-).

Gastronomy Aoudad Sheep

After the aoudad sheep hunt we decide to go first for a nice beer and after to enjoy a amazing lunch :P.

Lene Mads wife

Our last lunch together with Mads wife Lene. Thank you very much for all.

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