After a long day of stalking, we get our Gredos Ibex with a super shot

Gredos Ibex

We had a long stalking days after few hours we start to see the first gredos ibex in really big groups, in one of the pictures its possible to see a really big group of gredos ibex the mayority of them was high medall class.

Gredos Ibex

But below the group we see a small group and one of this ibex was very good for us, old and in the medall class that our hunter like, after about 30 minutes stalking we was nearly about 240m from the ibex but our ibex is behind the bush so we have to wait more it was cold and snow but we are so exciting that we don’t feel anything and in the end her comed our gredos ibex, super shot!!!

Gredos Ibex

Very important we hunt only in national parks.

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