Hunting in Gredos is always amazing, this time with hunters from Turkey

Sierra de Gredos

Hunting in Gredos is always amazing, this time I have hunters from Turkey, we had a really cold day, snow, crossing rivers, wind a real hunting day but this is fine in the end we like it.

Hunting Gredos Ibex

Early in the morning we try it in one hunting area, but after one hour we see that in the ibex groups we have see was not the gredos ibex we are looking for, so we change the hunting area, the ibex was more down, after the snow was in the high mountains, the ibex always comes to the best place without snow, there we found a really big group of gredos ibex, but the problem was to choose the right one on age and trophy size, the reason why in Gredos National Park are so many Ibex is because the rangers, make a good selective work, it is much easyer to shot the first gredos ibex you see, just thinking yes this ibex can be the right one, so after nearly one the rangers choose, the gredos ibex for the hunter.

Gredos Ibex

The hunters was already very nervious and exciting in the same time so we stalk to ibex about 278m he schoot and miss the ibex run up to 320m he shot again and head the ibex, great, by the snow oyher rangers see the blood, so we follow it mountain up, after crossing a river full of cold water , i just warned the hunters to take care the stones was very sleppery…

Gredos Ibex

I was the first one full of water still to the knies my luck. I jump so quick out like a full in well after nearly one hour, we get our Ibex, and everybudy was realy happy to have get a realy great gredos ibex.

Gredos Ibex hunt in Spain

Thanks Mete, for your support!!!

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