Very happy after getting a great Ronda Ibex trophy

Ronda Spanish Ibex

Well in the end we get our ibex but we be very close to have one ibex extra after we stalk a valley to see if the ibex was there because on the strong wind, few small ibex go out of the valley immediately I see 3 ibex alone also going out of the valley one of them was good and I talk to the hunter to shoot of the 3 ibex the one in the middle, but he don’t see the first one and shoot the third ibex in from our few he shoot a small one so I call the hunting department and talk them the accident so they give us a extra selective licenses so we dont lose the bigger licenses, between this the big ibex come back and I talk the hunter to shoot.

Ronda Spanish Ibex

I think this was the first time that I wad happy he dont shoot, because the position was bad and he walk to the sky line so no chance anymore.

Ronda Spanish Ibex

We walk to the ibex who was shoot, when we was closer to the ibex he was coming bigger just the opposite as a normal situation oh God, it was a good trophy, so everybody was very happy and in the chepa.

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