Hunting Ronda Ibex in a day with summer weather

Ronda Ibex in Spain

Starting a new adventure with my danish hunter on Ronda / Tejeda ibex, we are in April but the weather is like summer so we can hunt only few hours in the morning and few hours in the afternoon the first day in the morning we have see many Ronda ibex.

Ronda-Tejeda Ibex

But the hunter decide to look for more ibex and different, well some times is happen that when you think the hunt looks esay because you see many ibex this can be turn very fast on the different way, and this was happen to us.

Hunting Ronda Ibex in Spain

The next day we wish to see the group of ibex we see the first day, so mountain up and down so by the third day in the morning we see a group of ibex and the hunter ask if it was any representative ibex in the group, I talk him yes, the right one, so before I take my binoculars to look the ibex, the ibex was already down so the hunter learn to take the oportunitys the the natur gives him well done my friend!!

Ronda-Tejeda Ibex

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