“Guys, this trophy was for me and not for anybody else”: a great day of hunting Gredos Ibex in Spain

Gredos Ibex - Hunting in Spain

After more then 3 hours the fog was not so strong and we have the posibility to see the ibex, all the bad weather was in the gredos mountains, also the rest of the group had bad weather :-(. But, we have to be positive always!!!

Hunting Gredos Ibex

The fog is coming and going but between, we can see the ibex and also to value it, but the horns of the ibex are wet, and this means we cant see very well, the bases or count the years, but we have se one ibex of the group, that really was looking the right one that we be looking for a high silver medal, then the fog again, so I use this situation to go closer to the ibex group, and we be nearly 200 m, very good.

Hunting Gredos Ibex

In this moment god send us a little sunshine as a smile or gift, this is our opportunity now or never, the hunter was ready, pump we have the ibex, Super!!

Then we have the surprises, how we was coming closer to ibex, he was coming bigger and bigger, oh my god, this is not a high Silver class, this ibes is over Gold, and the ibex had 238 points and 17 years old, the hunter was really happy, independetly that is cost some more money but he says to us “Guys, this trophy was for me and not for anybody else” I take it how it comes, great man.

Gredos Ibex - Hunting in Spain

​This is hunt………..we will se the other hunters whats going on….​

One of the other hunter had not luck all gredos mountains was closed by the fog so he have to claim again to the mountins next day, but with me too:-) I dont mind I like to hunt in the mountains for the gredos ibex and together with the rangers on Gloria and Mariano.

Gredos Ibex - Hunting in Spain

The other hunt have got hes nice silver medal ibex in gredos, so 2 : 0 :-) super hunt, normaly by a normal weather situation in the national park of gredos we hunt in max. 2 days the ibex even by bow hunt too.

All our rangers are very profesional in hes hunt, thanks to all of them in the north face and the south face of gredos.

So im ready for the next adventure.

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