Reference of our hunter Allan Vester about her hunting trip to Spain

Allan Vester reference Iberhunting hunt in Spain

Dear Mercedes and Antonio.

Another hunt with Antonio, and this time with Christian as local hunting guide in the search for Beceite, in the beautiful mountains near Rossell, the weather was after November conditions hot and there was fine presence of the female ibex, but the male was not so accessible the first day and the second day was spent on some observation and hiking in the mountains, the end of the day we managed to get close to a group of 4 goats which of the two was representative and two trophy ibex, after an exciting hunt I succeeded by take a nice example of Beceite Ibex.

Once again thanks to Mercedes and Antonio, with many fantastic experiences in the beautiful Spanish mountains, supplemented with good food and beautiful hotels that reflect the areas we have visited to take down my Spanish Grand Slam at the 4 ibex.

Best personal regards. Allan.

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