The important of a good hunting equipement and munition

Sierra de Gredos

With this weather anybody will stay home or at the hotel, but we are hunters, mountain hunters and we use to hunt in one of this conditions, no problem, you just need to have the right equipement and hunting items, all of them the best of the best and test it by real mountain hunters, not fashion clothes, they are very expensive and not so good.

Hunting Gredos Ibex

In this pictures, you can see how our gredos rangers was, during more that 3 hours was raining, my backpack and I was completly dry using good items. Doesn’t make sence to spend a lot of money in hunt and take the cheap equipement or a munitions, this can be a unlucky hunt too.

Hunting Gredos Ibex

We be more then 3 hours, waiting that the fog goes and the rain stop, we know where the ibex are but we can’t, take any decisons, we have to wait more otherwise we have to go back :-(

Hunting Gredos Ibex

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