We are in Sierra Nevada area hunting with a great hunter from Denmark

Sierra Nevada Ibex - Hunt in Spain

This time we are in Sierra Nevada area hunting with a great hunter from Denmark, the weather looks realy very bad, rain, fog, wind and the type of weather you dont like for hunting, well after all day up and down, we see some Ibex but not the one we be looking for, after a coupel of hours later, I see one nice and black ibex on 470m.

Sierra Nevada Ibex

I tell to the hunter that we will not go from this place with out the ibex and he laugh, but he dont know me :-). It is better to concentrate on this ibex that looking around all day, this ibex is under control now, we have just to do the good work to get the ibex.

Sierra Nevada Ibex

On this moment we are in rut time so the ibex move all the time, a young ibex was behind the female all the time so the female runs done and always closer to us, we was lying down nearly 2 hours and full of rain, when the ibex was on 275 m. I tell to the hunter or now or never, but only when the ibex show you the complet body, not before, after 20 minuts, the ibex fall down.

Sierra Nevada Ibex

We give our hunters the advice when he can get the shoot, BUT we never tell the hunter when he have to shoot, because it tis hes responsability, if the hunter is not ready to shoot, I prefer that the ibex go that to have a wounded ibex.

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