Hunting a great Sierra Nevada Ibex with a young norweigan hunter

Hunting Sierra Nevada Ibex in Spain

Hunting ibex in sierra nevada with a norweigan hunter, he is young but he understand about hunting he walk also very good in the mountains, the only inconvenient was the weather, again rain, wind, fog :-(.

Hunting Sierra Nevada Ibex

But how we said in Spain still the tail all isa bull, this means still the end of the day, the luck can be in our side.

Sierra Nevada Ibex

The last hunting day the hunter was realy a litle bit worry about hes ibex if he get it or not, but we always have in the national park realy good and experience rangers they never giving up, this is many times also a reason why iberhunting hunt only in national parks and not in privat areas, it is a big difference believe me, first in quality of the trophees, second to be on the safe side to hunt legal and third even if its a litle more expensive in the end you will safe money, get a good trophee and maybe saving a lot of problems, just as advice.

Sierra Nevada Ibex

Well coming back to our sierra nevada ibex, the rangers never given up, and he know where to find a old ibex, as soon the rain stop, we just start to stalk, after 20 minuts we have few contact with the ibex, when the hunter was ready he run away :-(.

Sierra Nevada Ibex

After long thinking we decide to look after him and Jose Manuel the rangers, take the right decisions so we start to stalk again but from the otherside, where he run away after 30 minuts we find him, the ibex was on 200m and 40º down looking to us, the hunter get a good position and when he was ready he take the shoot and the ibex dont move even 1 cm.

Sierra Nevada Ibex

Great shoot and for all of us it was a realy happy end. Congrats!!!

2 thoughts on “Hunting a great Sierra Nevada Ibex with a young norweigan hunter

  1. Pls give prices for ibex muflon and dear. And links to maps, where you have lodges and hunting areas. Also details line seasons, rifles etc

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