We change the hunting area to Sierra Morena from Cazorla

Hunting redstag in Spain

Today we are stalking on redstag. We change the hunting area to Sierra Morena from Cazorla. When we arrive the ranger Alberto was already waiting for us, our hunter from Kuwait was very surprise about the quantity of redstag we see, but not the one we want to hunt.

Hunting redstag in Spain

During the morning was not easy so after we have a quick lunch we start out hunt again for the redstag, we see many we was also very close to get a really nice one, but not luck with this deer, but in the end of the day we spot this great and nice redstag, we don’t even think about, this is the one. Our kuwait hunters Ayman, take again a sniper shoot.

Hunting redstag in Spain

Congrats, my friend with this trophee we end a grazy and amazing hunting week together.

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