Iberhunting is an official TRAVEL AGENCY of Spain with the Agency number C.I.MU.347.m - So BOOK with CONFIDENCE, we pledge a safe Quality hunting adventure in Spain


FAQ - Iberhunting


What does the Iberhunting system consist of?

The Iberhunting system has been established so that you, as a client of Iberhunting, experience professional and efficient management at each stage of the process, satisfying all of your expectations and clearing up any doubts you may have, from the moment you request a hunting package from us, during the trip and no less importantly, after your hunting experience in Spain is over.

3 good reasons to choose Iberhunting

There are 3 good reasons why you should choose Iberhunting as your hunting operator in Spain from the variety of operaters available on the market:

Why does IHQ (Iberhunting Quality) mean security?

IQH is the name of the quality procedure installed by Iberhunting which involves all of the agents and companies taking part in any of the hunting experiences marketed by Iberhunting. This fully guarantees that the knowledge acquired by Iberhunting over time is being used to systematically improve the services provided, and as a consequence you receive top service, which is without a doubt our most important goal.

What criteria does Iberhunting use to select the companies which provide hunting services?

Iberhunting conscientiously analyses all of the proposals offered to us by cynegetic service companies in Spain, and in order for their hunting packages to be included in the selection offered by Iberhunting they must pass a series of prerequisites, among others, antiquity, economic solvency, professionalism, non involvement in legal or economic proceedings, the best hunting areas and the best animals. This ensures that you will have the best of the market at your disposition.