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Gallery BOC Balear

Gallery of BOC Balear

The Balearean Wild Goat or the Balearean Boc is the perfect hunting program for enjoying the beautiful island of Mallorca. This island is the only destination in the world where this rare trophy can be hunted and he will be accepted as Balearean Goat trophy by SCI. This specie is recognised by the Safari Club International and it appears in the Gran Slam 20 goats which may be hunted. It is a specie of Capra World Slam.

The Seal of the Mallorca Goverment​ for hunting BOC Balear

Dear friends,

The Goverments, hunting deparment of Mallorca, have checkout that more hunters have be in Mallorca, that licenses they have for the Boc Balear in the last year, this means, ilegal hunts, to stop the ilegal companys or anybudy, who try to sell Boc Balear, with out Seal, the Goverment have creat a special Seal, to control the licenses or export of trophies from Mallorca.

The Seal of the Mallorca Goverment​ inform all hunters and agencys about the legal way to hunt the Boc Balear in Mallorca, the reason why the Mallorca Goverment have creat this seal, is to avoid the cheap prices of the furtives or ilegal hunters or agencys, who destroid the special hunt and trophee of the Irland of Mallorca, only 3 Outfitters on this moment have this Seal to organize the hunt.

Special control, by income of hunters to Mallorca, with guns, the Guardia Civil ( Police ) will need all papers of the Outfitters, licenses, Insurance,Seal plus the Tag of the Trophy, many hunters comes us tourist to Mallorca and hunt the Boc Balear for a special price truth any contacts in the island, with out any documents, Seal...

Take care, because special dogs of the Police, check out per land, sea and air all packages, don´t take any risk, that maybe can cost your hunting licenses in your Country!!!

Friends pls take care and ask always for the Seal and Tag of your Trophy!!!

We are not the cheapest BUT, we give the best service from the first day to the latest day and we hunt only in one way LEGAL!!