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Dear hunters just for your information in Spain we have also Roebucks. Our Roebucks can be even much bigger that in the east Countrys, first of all because in Spain, we have not so many Roebuck hunters comming from everywhere, for this reason we have more quantity and quality on our Roebucks, but not so many licenses.

In Spain we don't paid the trophies in Grams, we do it on CIC points or if it is a six pointer or not, if not then its a selective Roebuck. All our Roebucks, we hunt in the north and middle of Spain.

We have in south of Spain also our Morisco Roebuck, it is a sub-species of the Roebuck, this one you can get only in the south of Spain, and they are few licenses availabel for it, to hunt this Roebuck you will need at least one week, many hunter who like to collect this kind of Trophy, sometime they have to wait even two years.

The morisco Roebuck, is not very strong in the trophy, sometimes with luck you get a really good trophy, but the difference between the morisco Roebuck and the normal Roebuck is that the morisco it's much smaller on the budy and more grey dark in the colour.

Just, comes ones to hunt your Roebuck to Spain, next time, BUT book your hunt in time, we have not so many licenses for the Roebucks in Spain :-)