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gredos ibex for groups hunting program

Gredos Ibex for Groups Hunting Program

Hunting Gredos Ibex in Spain with Groups

gredos ibex for groups

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gredos ibex for groups hunting program

Special Gredos Ibex for Groups Itinerary

1st Day "Arrival DaY"

Arrival to Madrid airport. After collecting the weapons in the police office, transfer to the Hotel El Balcón de la Vera.

In the Gredos zone, we can find “Inns,” small boutique hotels with a welcoming ambiance and wonderful natural surroundings, suitable for discovering the gastronomy of the area.

accomodation at sierra de gredos

Exploring gastronomy in Castilla y León means finding oneself in the epicentre of roast suckling lamb, suckling pig, and kid meat. It means having fresh beef and discovering the increased use of codfish and trout in recipes. It means discovering tradition and taste in the use of basic rawmaterials and farm produce. It means indulging in the sublime sweets made traditionally in old monasteries and convents, pastries which are over 300 years old. It means enjoying wine country with a rich tradition, which today makes high-end wines, all along the río Duero.

spanish gastronomy spanish gastronomy spanish gastronomy

2nd, 3rd & 4th Days "Hunting days"

In the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, toward the West is the Central System, a long mountain range, formed by a series of mountains, among which we find la Sierra de Gredos, located between the provinces of Ávila, Cáceres, Madrid and Toledo and which gives the name to this subspecie of mountain goat.

The Spanish Ibex (Capra pyrenaica) is one of the bovine species of the Capra genus in Europe. There were four subspecies of this genus found in Spain, but two of them have recently become extinct.The Capra Pyrenaica Victoriae is one of these four subspecies and is indigenous to several mountain ranges in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula. Its largest population is found in la Sierra de Gredos, between the provinces of Cáceres and Ávila.

gredos ibex hunting zone

It is characterized by its dark coat and, along with the Ibex of Beceite-Tortosa, has the largest antlers. Its horns are big and ringed, with a rugged surface, and shaped like a lyre. The growth of these horns is proportional to the age of the animal, adding one ring each year. The female goats have small, straighter horns. The males have an average weight of 90 kg and the females over 40 kg.

5th Day "Departure day"

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