Beceite Ibex, after a day looking for a group of ibex, which we had previously controlled, with no luck due to bad weather, rain and wind, the big day arrived. A very cold first hours where the mountains were snowy we could see several tracks that belonged to a large group of ibex.

Thanks to the study of our professionals of Iberhunting we came to the conclusion. The ibex had to go down to the valley to eat since the previous day with the rain they were hidden. So we knew that they were going out soon to eat.

Beceite Ibex

Little by little the temperature went up. But thanks to the Hunters Element clothes we were able to enjoy the most of what we like the most.

Therefore, we divided ourselves by watching the two valleys where the males could go to eat, and there they were a group of 14 ibex. Among them was our coveted trophy.

The group of Beceite Ibex was calm, and after debating how to get closer to them, we could get to 250m from the group. We witnessed the beauty of these animals since we were valuing all the animals to get the biggest trophy and at the same time enjoying this beautiful Ibex.

At last hunter and animal were face to face, and thanks to Sax ammunition, the hunter managed to hunt his desired Beceite Ibex.