In this case we are visited by a father and a son from Germany with the aim of fulfilling a dream and being able to hunt one of the emblems of hunting in Spain. The Beceite Ibex hunting.

The zeal is not yet in its fullness with which it makes it difficult for us to see the ibex outside the forest.

After seeing more than 50 females and small ibex, we are thinking about going to eat and enjoy the great Spanish gastronomy.

Address to the restaurant, a silhouette more than 400m surprised us. Like a ghost on the top of the mountain we could see the horns of a beautiful Bebeite Ibex.

Let’s go for him!

We managed to get to 120 meters from a group of ibex, we put ourselves in firing position, but the ibex are lying down sleeping and we can not shoot since we can not see the whole body.

After a tense wait our ibex gets up and our German friend, fully prepared and in an excellent position, makes a precise shot to hunt his first trophy in Spain.

Congratulations! Now, after Beceite Ibex hunting it’s time to enjoy wine and gastronomy in Spain!