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Our rifles

This is one of our rifles, that our hunter can use it:

  • Rifle: Blaser R8 Profesional Success. Weatherby, Heym.
  • Also for left hand shooter

  • Caliber: 8×68 S, 270 WBY, 375 H&H. 300 WBY, 270 WSM, 338 WM. 257 WBY.
  • Scope: Swarovsky 8zi 2.5-18×56. Zeisss Duralty 6-24×57. Zeiss V8 1.5 7×46. Zeiss Victory 3-12×56.

In all the places where we hunt is in National Park, for this reason we use only Lead free ammunition, respecting the nature and wild game during our hunt in Spain. This service offer Iberhunting.com.

Rifle Rifle Rifle

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