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Hunting in British Columbia

Rocky Mountain Elk

British Columbia

hunting a rocky mountain elk in Canada, accommodationWe invite you to experience one of the adventure of your life. Our hunting area has a high concentration of different trophies. Our guides will offer you high quality hunting. We specialize in Iberhunting Worldwide and offer quality accommodation to our customers. Our beautiful custom Cedar Lodge is truly unique. It is not only our home, but also yours while you enjoy your stay in next to Iberhunting Worldwide staff. The hostel is located in our ranch located in the picturesque valley of the Sapo River, surrounded by mountain views and wildlife. This is one of the most picturesque areas of all of British Columbia.

During your Estancia in the Lodge, enjoy the wildlife, wild animals, fishing, quiet nights, snowmobile tours, big screen TV, nature walks, horseback rides, Homemade meals, cross-country skiing, billiards and the hot tub. Almost every night you will see Moose from the Rocky Mountains as well as the White-tailed deer and mule deer. Enjoy homemade meals prepared by experts. We use game meat as much as possible to provide a unique dining experience. Taste the salty flavor of Moose, caribou or Stone Sheep.

Accomodation while hunting or travelling

hunting a rocky mountain elk in Canada, accommodationOur remote camps in the interior of the country consist of comfortable bathing and/or tents. Many of our camps have hot-water propane showers and all cabins and tents are heated with wood stoves. The beds consist of beds and cribs or bunks made by hand. Meals are healthy and are prepared by your guide or cook, depending on the staffing at that particular camp. These remote camps are manned by airplanes or fixed-wing horses, either way you’re not going to miss it!

Rocky Mountain Elk

hunting a rocky mountain elk in CanadaThe Elk hunt you have a 90% chance of taking home trophies with 6 points incredibles. We can offer you an exceptional and natural moose hunt. During your hunt, you will also see a wide variety of other wildlife species. Wapití or Elk is better during the month of September, which is also its season of rut time, rising the possibilities to 99%. Rocky Mountain Elk is available in 10-day hunts and in multi-species 14-day hunts. If you wish, you can add elk or caribou to your fighter for a trophy fee.

Recommendations for your adventure

To hunt in British Columbia you need to wear technical clothes, thinking that you can find any weather, the team of professionals, clothing hunters Element, it is also advisable to practice in the Shooting range for long distance shots especially thinking about the Mountain Goat and Stone Sheep. We recommend Magnum calibers, we usually use 300wby, 300WM, 300WSM, 300RUM, 270wby, 8X68S, 338WM, 7mm RM.

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