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Hunting in Mongolia

Altai Ibex

Next Trip: 10th-25th September 2020

Iberhunting Worldwide, makes true your dream of hunting, the hunt of the all ibex around the world is amazing, with this program, we offers you the opportunity of hunt two different ibex in Mongolia, the best VIP services and the guarantee of enjoying one of the hunting trip most  dreamed by hunters of the world.

Altai ibex Hunt in Mongolia- landscape

The Ibex are usually combined with the Maral or Gazelle

This country with high mountains offers the great experience of hunting the magnificents Argalis, which incredible horns of all rams, the majestic Maral , Gazzelle and Gobi.


Located on the plateau without the sea between Russian Siberia and the plains of northern China, Mongolia leaves a geographical and culturally dramatic impression. Within the enchanting borders of this country, you will be able to experience the infinite wonders of nature. This land has a variety of ecosystems, housing many of Asia’s most desirable hunting species. With the Altai Mountains in the west and the remote forests in the north, as well as the vast Gobi desert in the south, Mongolia has a wide variety of wildlife. The extraordinary beauty and solitude of the Mongolian Mountains, along with a wide variety of species of big game, attracts many hunters every year.

Mongolia is also well known for the Ibex. In Mongolia there are two species: The Siberian Ibex, the Altai Mountains and the smaller Gobi Ibex of the Gobi desert.

The populations of Ibex are high, leading to high success rates and the mountains of Mongolia are not high or very pronounced, which makes the hunting of Ibex easier than in other Asian countries.

The hunting of the Ibex in Mongolia is perhaps the most popular hunting in Asia today.

Hunting in Mongolia is a wonderful experience. Explore the country’s mountains, deserts and forest regions. Altai Ibex is located in Altai, west of Mongolia, with hard terrain and large elevation changes.

Gobi Ibex lives in the mountainous areas of the Gobi desert, in the south and southwestern regions of Mongolia. The terrain is moderate; So hunting is easier physically. Here you can also hunt, Blacktail and Whitetail gazelles and wolves.

Hunting Season

Altai Ibex and Gobi Ibex: From June 1st to November 15th.

The best time to come to Argali is from the end of September to October.

Maral: From September 1 to November 1, the best time is in the mid-and late-September zeal.

The weather conditions are quite comfortable. The temperature is 40-59 F (5 to 15 °c) during the day with Frost at night.

Customers need to bring their own hunting rifles, maximum 30 bullets per rifle,firearm, Import permit will be obtained and sent copy to customers 2 weeks before arrival, hot sleeping bag, Binoculars, rangefinder, telescope and personal equipment.


The camps are strategically located near the hunting grounds for easy access to the hunting area in the shortest possible time. These are isolated wild facilities with very limited access to the outside world, which improves hunting and adventure experience. The camp accommodations are in “Gers”, which are felt tents wrapped around a collapsible wooden frame. They have 9 feet (2.8 m) high and 15 feet (4.5 m) in diameter, much larger than standard wall tents. These sturdy tents are very comfortable and serve as the traditional year-round housing for nomads in Mongolia. Your manager will be equipped with spring beds, mattresses, bed linen and wood stove. Plentiful meals are prepared in the camp by our camp chefs. Accommodation in Ulaanbaatar is located in excellent hotels selected by professionals.

Altai Ibex

This Ibex is located in the Altai Mountains. Historically, the largest Ibex in Mongolia, which measures up to 53 inches (135 cm), comes from the Altai mountains of western Mongolia.

Altai Ibex hunt in Mongolia Iberhunting Worldwide Altai Ibex hunt in Mongolia Iberhunting Worldwide

Most of the Ibex hunted in the Altai Mountains are in the range of 40-45 inches (100-115 cm), with few trophies reaching a record size of 50 inches (127 cm) each season.

Success rates have remained above 95% per cent during the season over the past 10 years. The quality of the trophy in the hunting areas of the Ibex has remained at an exceptional level.

Altai Ibex hunt in Mongolia Iberhunting Worldwide

The Hunt

  • Altai Ibex Hunt – 5 days, 2 different areas, average size 38 “-42”

The price includes all except the National plane ticket, the international shipping cost of trophies.

The Altai Ibex hunt will be in the province OF HOVD & GOBI-Altai, will be hunted for 5 days, higher altitude 8000 feet (2500m).

For this hunting it is recommended to have a good physical capacity, the mountains that we will find are Rocky Mountains and it takes a minimum to be able to obtain a successful hunt.

Need to shoot at a long distance of 300-600 yards, so we recommend you go to your usual shooting range and practice at those distances.

The camp will be MONGOLIAN GER with stove, bed, beautifully decorated, the food will be basic like beef, chicken, lamb, pork with various vegetables, bottled water, guide, interpreter, assistant, Cook, hunting guide.

Itinerary Plan

Day 1. Arrive at the airport of the city of Ulaanbaatar (meeting with the guides), night in hotel in the city.

Day 2. Take a domestic plane to Gobi-Altai or Khovd Province Airport Center, and we will travel 6 hours by car to the Camp.

Day 3 – 8. Hunting days

Day 9. Arrival Ulaanbaatar City by domestic airline

Day 10. International Flight back.

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