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Marco Polo

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Hunt Marco Polo Argali

Marco Polo Argali also called Pamir argali is named for Marco Polo, 13th century Venetian merchant and explorer, who was the first Westerner to record its existence. Shoulder height 44-46 inches (112-117 cm). Weight up to 300 pounds (135 kg). A large, long-legged, light-boned argali with the most spectacular horns of all the world’s sheep. The summer coat is a light, speckled brown, with the face, chest, underparts, rump patch and legs white.

Hunt Marco Polo in Tajikistan

In winter, the upper parts are a somewhat darker brown and there is a full white neck ruff extending to the brisket.

The winter hair is much longer, making the animal appear larger and heavier than it is.

Hunt Marco Polo in Tajikistan
The hunting of the Marco Polo is very demanding due to the height in which the animals are found, although it is possible to carry out the hunt with any physical condition.

The long, slender horns are homonymous, forming 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 open spirals, and triangular in cross section with a sharp orbital-nuchal edge.

The longest sheep horn ever recorded (75 inches or 190.5 cm) (Rowland Ward, 1895), is from Marco Polo; however the largest circumference for this race is only 17 inches (43 cm), with 14 to 15-1/2 inches (36-39 cm) usual.

Horns and skull together will weigh only about 25 pounds (11-12 kg), the horns’ slimness making them seem longer than they actually are. Marco Polo is one of the finest wild sheep and is one of the world’s very top hunting trophies. It lives at high altitudes that not all hunters can cope with.

From Iberhunting Worlwide we put a lot of emphasis on these hunting adventures, in which you are fully prepared and trained to shoot long distances, since, the quality of your trophy will depend entirely on your marksmanship.

Hunt Marco Polo

The Hunt for Marco Polo in the area that we hunt, is a special area where the best Marco Polo with warranty is found, is usually hunted using 4 × 4 cars to find and spot the animals. Hunting begins in the morning and you spend the day looking for the trophy males on the slopes and areas where they feed…etc.

Hunt Marco Polo in Tajikistan Hunt Marco Polo in Tajikistan

Once the trophy is spotted and the last part of the hunt assessed, it is done on foot. You have to be fit for this part of the hunt. Be prepared for long range shooting, up to 400-500 yards / m. In the afternoon you will return to the base camp. It is not a hunt of permanent physical demand as can other goat hunting, here the difficulty is found in the altitude and the lack of oxygen that we will experience.

Hunt Marco Polo in Tajikistan-mountainsThe windy weather and low temperatures make your trophy even more appreciated. Hunting is organized at 14,000 – 16400 feet (4200 – 5000 m).

The main hunting areas used are near the Hot Springs camp and the Karakol lake camp (Eastern Pamir).

Iberhunting Worldwide, makes true your dream of hunting, the legendary Marco Polo in Tajikistan, the best VIP services and the guarantee of enjoying one of the hunting trip most  dreamed by hunters of the world.

The Marco Polo is usually combined with the Mid Asian Ibex of Tajikistan. 100% guarantee.

Hunt Marco Polo in Tajikistan-hunting area Hunt Marco Polo in Tajikistan

This country with very high mountains offers the great experience of hunting the magnificent Marco Polo Argali, which has the longest horns of all rams, the beautiful Mid Asian Ibex, as well as impressive wildboars probably the largest in the world and the Bukharan Markhor one of the most difficult and beautiful goats in the world.


Tajikistan is a small republic in Central Asia, bordering Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China and Afghanistan. The 740 mile (1200 km) border with Afghanistan is demarked by the river Panj and the Amu Daryo, better known as the Oxus. Most of Tajikistan’s land area is mountainous, ranging from the Fann Mountains in the west to the rocky heights of the Pamirs in the eastern region of Badakhshan. The highest mountain is Peak Somoni (Samanid) at 23 400 ft (7495 m).

Hunt Marco Polo in TajikistanThis region is often described as a “Polar Desert”. It is high and dry, and can be cold and windy. Bring a good wind breaker and layered underclothing with you.

Temperatures: October 60 F (+15 C) daytime, falls down to 30-41 F (0 to -5 C) at night.

Hunt Marco Polo in TajikistanNovember 30-50 F (0 to +10 C) daytime, and during night time 5-14 F (-10 to -15 C). December -4 F (-20 C) daytime, -31 F (-35 C) at night.

You will need a visa to visit Tajikistan. You can apply for your visa at the nearest Embassy or obtain your visa on arrival at Dushanbe airport. After the hunt is completed, the trophies are left in Tajikistan and then sent to the hunter.

Complementary Trophies: Mid Asian Ibex of Tajikistan

Hunt Marco Polo in Tajikistan-hunt Mid Asian Ibex This subspecies may be the largest in size and the largest horns. The males can weigh up to 285 pounds (130 kilos), or even more. Its coloration is very different from that of the Altai and Gobi Ibex and quite different from the Bezoar, Persian Desert or Sindh.

The winter skin, most adult males are coloured cinnamon of varying intensity, and they become darker and more opaque on the flanks, shoulders and thighs. Usually, there is a dark and well-developed dorsal band, and also a light-coloured saddle patch that can vary in size, shape and location. A band of very dark flank separates the brown flanks of the whitish belly. There is a distinctive brown band on the front surface of the front legs, a lighter one on the hind legs.

Hunt Marco Polo in Tajikistan-hunt Mid Asian Ibex The head is lighter than the flanks, in fact something grey, and the beard is brown. However, there are a lot of individual variations in colour and brands.

The average size of the Ibex is around 120cm horn. The hunting here if it is in steep mountain and must be done on foot, these animals do not live on the slopes as the Marco Polo, but they enjoy great senses so it will be difficult to approach, so it is also usually shot at great distances.

The Trip & Itinerary

Hunt Marco Polo in TajikistanBest time for Marco Polo is from middle October to middle December. You may choose dates for hunting as to your wish or you may join our accompanied trip.  

A normal itinerary would be as following:

1st day: Depart from your home to Dushanbe.

The most convenient and reliable way to Dushanbe is by Turkish Airlines via Istanbul, Turkey. There are three flights a week serviced by 737 jets.

2nd day: Arrival to the camp and rest.

3rd to 9th day: 7 days hunting

10th day: Return to Dushanbe and overnight.

11h day: Departure.

Cites/Import of Trophies

Trophies of Marco Polo from Tajikistan may be imported to states for European Union in case a valid CITES is issued. Therefore trophies cannot be taken home at departure. After the hunt our partner will apply for CITES, it usually takes about 3 – 5 month till all formalities are arranged. Once the CITES is issued trophies will be sent to us and we will arrange all EU-import formalities. After clearance customs you trophy will be sent to you or to your taxidermist.

For more information contact us: iberhunting@iberhunting.com

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