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Siberian Mid Asian Ibex

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Hunt Mid Asian Ibex

Mid Asian Ibex are found in many areas all over Asia, but there is no area to be compared with the prime area of Tochty in the Dshungarian Alatau in Kazakhstan. This is not only our estimation; as well by many insiders consider this area being at present the best destination for hunt Mid Asian Ibex. Therefore it’s not a surprise that most of our hunt of Mid Asian Ibex are carried out in the Dshungarian Alatau mountain range in Kazahstan due to following reasons:

hunting a Mid Asian Ibex

  • The area holds a very good population of Mid Asian Ibex, which is most probably the best all over Asia.
  • Very good to outstanding size of trophies.
  • Experienced and highly skilled guides who are paid as to the results of their clients.
  • Good service.
  • The area and terrain is not as difficult to be hunted like in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Best results – since years we hold a flat 100 % success with all clients which hunted there with us.

Kazakhstan within the last years got to be the preferred country for hunting Ibex for a lot of hunters. The reason for this is simple – areas which are relatively easy to be hunted (for sure much easier than in Kyrgyzstan) and do have very good population of big trophy Ibex. Since more than twenty years we are hunting in this beautiful country and frequently we accompany some of our groups during their hunt. You may be sure that we know all hunting areas out of personal experience and we can offer you best hunts in the most productive areas of Kazakhstan.

The Dshungarian Alatau

This 200 km long mountain range is located in south-eastern Kazakhstan on border to China. It is the most famous area for Ibex in Kazakhstan. This mountain range is located approx. 400 km northeast of Almaty, directly on the border to China. Best areas are close to Kazakh – Chinese border. You will enjoy the breathtaking beauty of landscape, mountains and almost untouched nature in this area. The bottom of the valleys is mainly grassland, the slopes of the mountains are partly covered with forests (mainly fir and birch) and above timberline you will find partly rugged mountains – the places where the Siberian Ibex live. You will hunt in an altitude of 2.500 to max. 3.200 meters, all hunts for Ibex are horse assisted, what will make your hunt easier. Game species in this area include Mid Asian Ibex, Dzhungar Argali, Maral, Siberian Roebuck, Wildboar, Brown Bear, Snow Leopard and Wolf.

Hunting is carried out mainly from horseback and by stalking with guiding 1/1 – each client with one professional hunter, sometimes assisted by an assistant guide. You do not need to climb, but good physical conditions are definitely required. Horses are gentle and calm and you do not need to have experience with horse riding. Don’t worry – your horse will follow the horse of your guide.

hunting a Mid Asian IbexAverage good Ibex will have horns being 115 – 120 cm / 45 – 47 Inch long, horns of a big Ibex will have 120 – 125 cm / 45 – 49 Inch, and the very big Ibex will carry horns with 125 – 135 cm / 49 – 53 Inch. Some outstanding exemplars have horns with even up to 140 cm / 55 Inch. The hunts in Dshungarian Alatau are very successful and being in good physical shape you can count on a 100 % success. During last years we permanently scored on a 100 % success and many of our clients were able to take two Ibex.

Location of the Hunting Area

We are hunting in the Dzungarian Alatau for Ibex from August to November. August, September and October are the best month for this hunt. But however, we will hunt for Ibex in time from 20th Sept. to 05th Oct. only to a limited extend, as during this time most of the guides are busy with hunting for Maral or Maral and Ibex.

hunting in the Dzungarian Alatau, Mid Asian Ibex

The Trip

Your trip in Kazakhstan will start in Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan.

hunting a Mid Asian Ibex, horse ride

Lufthansa, KLM and Turkish Airlines offer very good flights to Almaty. For clients coming from the US, KLM and Northwest Airlines operate very convenient flights. When arriving in Almaty you will be met by our English speaking representative and an inter-preter. After clearance of gun import and customs you will be transferred to hunting area with minibus. This is a longer drive will take 10 – 11 hours.

Profile of the Hunt: Hunt for Mid Asian Ibex / 12 Days Trip

These hunts are tailor made for hunters being interested in a special hunt for Ibex. You may hunt for a second Ibex if you want, but need to inform us about this wish with booking as we have to provide licence for the second Ibex. Wolf may be shot in case of chance.

hunting in the Dshungarian Alatau, Mid Asian IbexHunting season for Mid Asian Ibex starts with 1st August and ends on 31st December, however best time is from beginning August to End of October. The hunt of Mid Asian Ibex is based on a strict licence system and you may hunt only for game you have ordered. After the ordered game has been shot, the hunt is finished and you will return to main camp. Wolf and wild boar may be shot in case of chance during the hunt for Mid Asian Ibex. There will be basically no possibility to combine these hunts with a hunt for Maral, as licences for Maral are very limited and Maral should be hunted only in the rut. Dshungarian Argali, Brown Bear and Snow Leopard are strictly protected.

The Hunt of Mid Asian Ibex starts with one night in the main camp “Camp of Good View” with cosy wooden houses. In the main camp you will be at the beginning and at the end of the hunt. For the hunting itself we use small spike camps (fly camps) with small tents. Your guide take these tents, cooking equipment and all gear with you on the horse or packhorse and your guide will set camp at the best place for hunting. This gives needed flexibility to stay over night in the mountains in higher altitude. If you like nature and real hunting, you for sure will enjoy this hunt. Food is good in the main camp, but quite basic and simple when hunting out of the fly camp. It is a real wilderness hunt! There will be one English speaking interpreter in the main camp, but this interpreter doesn’t take part in the hunt itself.

Accommodation for hunting a Mid Asian Ibex
Base camp / “Camp of Good View” – here you will be at the beginning and at the end of the hunt.
Accommodation for hunting a Mid Asian Ibex
The “High Camp” in the mountains – here you will start your hunt.

Shooting distances normally range from 150 meters to 300 meters. Most suitable are rifles with heavier and faster calibres like 7 mm Rem.Mag., .300 Win.Mag. or similar. Pls. zero your rifle for 200 meters. In most cases you will have time to get a comfortable rest for shooting, but sometimes you must be able to manage quicker shots. Please do not forget to bring as well a rangefinder with you.

Some Important Remarks To Hunting Siberian Ibex

Hunting for Mid Asian Ibex is carried out in very remote mountain areas with no infrastructure at all. Although the hunt is horse assisted, stalking is a part of the hunt and good physical skills are required. The weather in the Dshungarian Alatau is rather unpredictable; you may have days with bright sunshine or days with rain and fog or days with a mix of both. No refunds will be given if not all planned time for hunting may be used due to bad weather. The same applies if you are physically not strong enough to use all planned time for hunting.

During the hunt itself you will be accommodated in simple tented camps with small pop-out tents. Only minimum comfort can be offered. Your guides are experienced mountain men. We strongly suggest to follow their advice and recommendations, you guide is interested like you in a successful hunt. Your guide will support you in estimating size of trophy; however it’s the client’s decision to shoot or not.

If you have decided to shot, trophy fees must be paid as to size of trophy, regardless the trophy is smaller or bigger than expected and/or estimated by you and/or your guide. We are not in position to give any guarantees for your success and/or size of trophy, but you may be sure that your guide will input every effort to bring you into shooting distance to a good trophy ibex.

If you have shot the Ibex in the first days of the hunt and have not booked additional game, your hunt is finished and you will return to base camp, where you may relax till the planned end of the hunt. No refunds will be given if you finish your hunt earlier. If you want to return to home earlier, all will be done to arrange this; all related costs and/or additional costs for early return – such as costs for extra transfers, costs for changing flight tickets, additional hotel accommodation – must be covered by the client.

Shooting Distance

Shooting distances may be from 150 to 350 meters, but in most cases you will have time to prepare a solid rest.

For more information contact us: iberhunting@iberhunting.com

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