Hunting in Kamchatka


Iberhunting Worldwide, offers a full range of services to organize your hunting and fishing trip in Kamchatka.

Kamchatka has established itself as one of the most incredible corners of the Earth. The snow-covered mountain ranges, the volcano cauldrons, the acid lakes, a bear in the company of cubs on the bank of a river full of salmon, all this is incredible, his name is Kamchatka and now Iberhunting Worldwide takes you there.

Hunt in Kamchatka-Hunt moose in Kamchatka

The tourism potential of the region is immensely rich, tourism is gaining momentum here constantly. Every year, tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world visit the peninsula. Due to the impassivity and inaccessibility of its territories, the nature of Kamchatka has preserved its primordial nature and its animal world, its richness and diversity. With the company Iberhunting Worldwide, you will spend an unforgettable hunting tour in the southern and half Kamchatka lands.

The best hunting grounds, the perfect hunting seasons, the incredible hunting trophies, Iberhunting.

Each package of services includes: transfer to the airport in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and hunting grounds, accommodation and meals in the comfortable hunting camp, guide services, cooks, first preparation of hunting trophies, registration of necessary documents. You will know the immensity of Kamchatka, its animals and its habitat. You will enjoy every moment and every cast. This is the real and wild hunting .


Kamchatka is located in the northeast of Russia. It is bounded by the Bering Sea of the Pacific Ocean from the east and by the Sea of Okhotsk from the west. The nature of the region is very varied: snow-capped mountains with glaciers, mountains of sugar loaf by the sea, softwood and leafy forests, large areas of tundra and tundra of forests and frozen ground to the north. There are thousands of rivers and lakes.

Kamchatka is the region of volcanic action and has around 300 different volcanoes, 29 of which are active. As a result, there are plenty of geysers and hot springs. The weather is hard.

Hunt in Kamchatka-Hunt moose in Kamchatka

Kamchatka has a long flashy winter and a short, cool summer. Autumn is considered the best time to visit Kamchatka, which lasts from August to October. It is a short period mostly without wind and rain. Average temperatures are 46-50 F (8–10 ° С).

Hunt Moose in Kamchatka

Hunting moose in KamchatkaIn all the northern hemisphere of the Earth, one of the most enviable trophies among ungulates is undoubtedly the Moose and here is the largest subspecies of the planet. The moose habitat in Kamchatka is the northern part near the Penzhina river and the central part of the peninsula. The moose on Kamchatka reaches an incredible size, becoming the largest subspecies in the world! Its huge shovel-shaped horns with 38-40 points on both blades can reach more than 40 kg in weight and 2 meters in span. The weight of an adult male can reach more than 800 kg.

Hunt a moose in Kamchatka with the help of a claim is fascinating, complex and adventurous. Despite poor vision, the elk can boast excellent hearing: with ears like radar, it scans the space 360 degrees around. It is not so easy to approach, without scaring the beast, which makes moose hunting during the heat season especially exciting.

Traditionally, the hunting season is open from August 25 to December 15 and from September 15 to October 15, it is the best date, when the period of heat and maximum activity arrives.

Hunting moose in Kamchatka

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