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Siberian roe deer hunt in Kazakhstan Iberhunting Worldwide
This outstanding 6 x 5 antlered buck is the current SCI record / non typical and was harvested by one of our clients in Kustanai and showing the potential of this prime hunting area.

The Siberian Roebuck in this area will impress you with massive horns with dark colour and in most cases with very good to outstanding pearling and long antlers. Kustanai as well by experts is considered being presently the very best area for Siberian Roe deer. Aside the perfect biotope another reason for this is the very limited harvest of roebucks per year. Hunting is based on a very strict licence system and only a very limited number of bucks will be allowed to be harvested per year. This makes sure that the roebucks to have time to get mature and old.

Due to the very good biotope and the good genetics of the deer, top trophies may be as big as up to 1.200 grams (upper skull with horns) and even bigger. The biggest trophy taken by one of our hunters had more than 1.400 grams. Bucks with trophies in the range of 1.000 to 1.200 grams are harvested by our clients every year. The best trophy of last years we shot with one of our clients was an outstanding buck with 5 x 6 antlers with a weight of 1.430 grams. This is currently the new #1 SCI / non-typical.  

Certainly these are outstanding and exceptional trophies. However, not only the top trophies are the reason  for very good reputation of the area – it is much more the big number of good to very good trophies which are abundant. Average good trophies may be in the range of 850 to 950 grams. Due to very good genetics of the population you will find a good number of bucks with 4 x 4 (four antlers per side) or even more antlered. It is a matter of fact that every year 30 – 35 % of the trophies are bigger than regular 3 x 3. 

Area of Kustanai

The region of Kustanai is located in northern Kazakhstan, on the border to Russia, is considered to be probably the very best, but for sure one of the best areas for Siberian Roebuck all over Asia. Geographically seen, this area is a part of the West Siberian Lowlands with more or less flat terrain. The fertile soil and vegetation provide an ideal biotope for Siberian Roe deer. This is not only our estimation; this opinion is shared by many specialists as well as hunters which have hunted Siberian Roe deer in various areas all over Asia. We hunt here since almost 20 years and each year we accompany our clients/groups for this hunt. We know all areas out of personal and hunting experience. 

One third of the area is covered with forests – these are smaller forests with birch trees mainly. One third is arable land, mainly planted with wheat, and  one third is covered with meadows and pastures. In addition in most areas you will find various wetland biotopes with ponds and lakes with reed and willow-bushes which in addition gives ideal and undisturbed cover and shelter for the game.

Location of the Hunting Areas


1 – Arshaly 1

2 – Michailovka 1

3 – Michailovka 2

4 – Michailovka 3

5 – Usunkol 1

We are hunting with Kustanai Hunters and Fishermen Society which is in charge of hunting areas of over one million hectares. Since almost 20 years being the only company hunting this enormous area and we are in position to choose for our clients the very best places for hunting.         

Best Time for Hunting

Siberian Roe Deer hunt in Kazakhstan Iberhunting WorldwideBest time to hunt Siberian roe deer is during the rut time, which is normally from approx. 20th August to September 10th. The area has a very continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. Weather in end of August/beginning September is usually warm with a temperature of +/-15°C during the day. In the night temperature may drop to 0°C or -1 to 2°C in August and down to minus 3-4°C in early September. Although during end August/beginning Sept. it is usually dry, rain may occur. 

We are running here five different areas & camps – these are Michailovka 1, Michailovka 2, Michailovka 3, Arshaly and Usunkol. In each camp 4 clients will be accommodated. 

Hunting Area

The hunting areas are huge and each one covers more than 50.000 hectares. The hunt for Siberian roe deer is carried out only on 1/1 – each client with his guide, a driver and terrain car. The big size of the hunting areas makes the use of terrain cars necessary. There are no high seats or any kind like this. As to the method of hunting we want to advice to follow the suggestions of your guide. He knows the area and the game and he is interested the same way you are to get with you good trophies.

As soon as you have found a good trophy buck you may stalk or your guide will try to get with the car into shooting distance. However, stalking is a very efficient hunting method, but you need to be prepared  to shoot from a stick – sometimes as well for longer distances. In difference to European Roe deer which in most areas does not have any natural enemy / predator, the Siberian Roe deer is very alert and shy. This is partly in the nature of this game but as well due to predators which include wolves. 

Shooting Distance

Siberian roe deer hunt in Kazakhstan Iberhunting WorldwideShooting distances may be in the range of 150 to 300 meters and quite often quick shots are required. As soon a buck is approached it is advisable to estimate size of trophy through the optics of the rifle and to decide quickly about the shot. As we hunt with most of our guides since years, they have sufficient experience with the hunt with foreign hunters. Your guide will inform you if the buck is small (in Russian language “maliniki”), he is average (in Russian “sredne”) or big (“bolshoj”), but it is almost impossible to inform about the weight of trophy before the shot. It is only the client himself who decides about the shot and each shot buck must be paid with full trophy fee – regardless if the trophy is bigger or smaller than expected. Ideal calibres are 7 mm Rem.Mag., 30.06, .300 Win.Mag, 8×68 or similar. 

Out of experience we can say that every client during 5 days hunting will have best chances to shoot 3 good to very good trophy bucks and in last years the majority of our clients took home two or three trophies each. In last year we had here totally 46 hunters – only one hunter got one trophy, all other clients got 2 or more trophies. 


As said the hunt is based on a licence system and licences have to be bought before the hunt. Each client is allowed 4 licences maximum. The cost for each licence is € 390,–. These costs are not refundable, as well not if you did not use all the licences you have bought. But normally our clients are successful to utilize all the licences they have bought and in last years all clients were able to shoot all the roebucks they had bought licences for. 

The Camps in the Hunting Area

During the hunt for Siberian Roe deer you will be accommodated in most cases in cabins or trailers – with 2 compartments with 2 beds each. Shower and toilet facilities are outdoors. These are simple, but very functional camps and although being not luxury at all, these camps offer sufficient comfort and so far all our clients were satisfied with the camps but as well food and service were considered by most of our clients to be good to very good. In each camp we have one interpreter. We are able to accommodate 4 to 5 hunters in each camp. 

Siberian roe deer in Kazakhstan Iberhunting Worldwide

Openings – 2020

We are hunting only during prime rutting period as during this time old and smart roebucks are to be seen and approached easier than during any other time. 

29th August – 06th September 2020 

Suggested Itinerary

29.08: Fly from your home to Kustanai 

30.08: Arrival in Kustanai at 05.10h. A representative of our partner will be at your arrival to the airport and will help you with the gun import licence and will support you with clearing custom formalities.

In Kustanai you will be transfered to the hunting area. Time to rest, zero your rifle and start hunting in the afternoon.

31.08: Hunting

01.09: Hunting

02.09: Hunting

03.09: Hunting

04.09: Hunting

05.09:   Hunting still the middle day and transfer to Kustanai and overnight.

06.09: Departure.

The itinerary and flight schedule is orientative.

For more information contact us: iberhunting@iberhunting.com


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