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Alpine ibex hunt in Austria with Iberhunting Worldwide

Alpine ibex hunt in Austria with Iberhunting Worldwide The alpine ibex has shoulder height 30-34 inches (76-86 cm). Weight 225-275 pounds (102-125 kg). Alpine Ibex is a stocky animal, darker in color than other Ibexes. The upper parts are a uniform grayish-brown (lighter in summer and darker in winter), separated from the pale underparts by a darker brown band. The legs, upper surface of tail and forehead are also a darker brown. Males have a small beard and large, impressive horns that are shorter, thicker and straighter than those of other Ibexes.

Gregarious, with females and young in small herds, and males solitary or in small bachelor groups. Very agile and surefooted on steep terrain. Inhabits high mountains, normally above the treeline and at or below the snowline. When free-ranging, they offer excellent sport and are one of Europe’s most prestigious big game animals because of their relative scarcity, the difficult terrain they inhabit, and the quality of the hunting experience.

Alpine ibex hunt in Austria with Iberhunting Worldwide The Ötztaler Alps, located in southwestern Tyrol are famous for their good populations of Alpine Ibex, Alpine Chamois and Alpine Marmot. We are hunting in an area of over 4.000 hectares in medium to high alpine terrain with an elevation of 1.500 to 3.200 meters. Population of ibex is very good and aside a very healthy population of medium aged Ibex there are about 50 mature Ibex being older than 10 years are roaming the area.

Alpine Ibex of class 1 have to be minimum 10 years old and carry impressing horns with 80 – 90 cm, sometimes even bigger – depending on genetics, physical conditions of the animal and age. Some of the really old ibex may be 13 years old.

The hunting is open between 1st August and 15th December with two prime times

The hunt

  • 1st – 20th October

Alpine ibex hunt in Austria with Iberhunting Worldwide First half of August is a prime time. Hunting will be carried out in higher elevation of around 2.500 – 3.000 meters. Although good to very good physical conditions are of advantage we can say that every experienced mountain hunter being in good and fit conditions should not have problems at all.

During the hunt you will be accommodated in a 4 star hotel. From here you will be brought with 4wd car to high elevation and then the hunt starts. You need to be prepared for a  3 – 4 hours walk to the places where the ibex are usually to be found. Of course wright before the hunt starts the game keeper will check about areas where big ibex are at present.

  • 10th-30th August

With beginning snowfall and snow in the mountains the ibex usually migrate to lower elevations. Hunting is now easier and everyone with reasonable physical conditions will do well.

Alpine ibex hunt in Austria with Iberhunting Worldwide Since most hotels will be closed in October, accommodation during the hunt will be provided in a simple hunting house in the hunting area.

Our hunts are set for 3 full days hunting which will provide you with sufficient time for a successful hunt under conditions of normal weather conditions and the client being in good physical shape. However, it may be of advantage to allow yourself in your holiday planner one additional day which may be used for hunting in case of need.

If you have shot the Alpine Ibex quickly, you may hunt in remaining time for Alpine Chamois (season starts on 1st August) and Marmot (season starts on 15th August).

Of course you may book a combination hunt for Alpine Ibex, Alpine Chamois and/or Marmot. For this combination please plan on 5 days hunting.

The Trip

Alpine ibex hunt in Austria with Iberhunting Worldwide Fly from your home via Vienna to Inns-buck which is Tyrol’s capital. Here you will be met by our staff and transferred to the hotel.

View into the high alpine regions in the hunting area. Here you will hunt in first half of August what as to our opinion is the best time. Right one of the hunting houses in the hunting area, but when hunting in August.

Accommodation in the hotel is ideal if you want to bring along your wife and/or family. The hotel has a wellness oasis with aroma steam bath, Finnish sauna, bio sauna, infrared lounge, warmth, experience shower, ice fountain and relaxation room.

Please note:

* Population of ibex is really good and we expect the ibex to be shot within 3 days hunting. If by whatever reasons you have not shot the ibex within the first 3 days of hunt, you may prolong your hunt for another 1 or 2 days at € 150,– per day.

* If the weather during your time of hunting is as bad that you may not hunt at all or you did not have any shooting possiblity during your hunt, you may come for another hunt in the same year. The costs for this return hunt will be € 350,– per hunter.

* Wounded ibex (blood and/or cut hair is found and/or it is visually without doubths to be realized that the Ibex got the hit) the  will be searched for, if a wounded ibex will not be found it is considered beeing killed. In this case your hunt is finished.

* It is only allowed to shoot the game approved and allowed by the game keeper / guide. If you shoot game which is not allowed by your guide, double fees will apply!


Alpine ibex hunt in Austria with Iberhunting Worldwide The trophy (skull with horns) cannot be taken with you when leaving for home. All trophies will be checked at the annual trophy inspection which normally is March or April. After this your trophy will be sent to you. The cape or skin for full mount may you may take with you or it will stay at a local taxidermist in Austria where will be frozen and will be shipped then together with your trophy. The costs for storage of you cape or skin and the costs for forwarding trophies from Austria to your home must be paid by the client.

For more information contact us: iberhunting@iberhunting.com


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