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Hunting in Romania

Carpathian Chamois

Iberhunting offers you the opportunity to hunt the Carpathian Chamois in Romania. An exciting hunt that every mountain hunter could live once in a lifetime.

Carpathian Chamois

Hunt Carpathian Chamois in Romania with Iberhunting WorldwideThe world’s largest chamois is in Romania, and only in the mountains of the Romanian Carpathians is where we will find this specimen. The world record of 141.1 CIC points was awarded to Romania in 1937, as well as to 7 of the best trophies in the world. Since 1990, many trophies with more than 120 CIC points have been approved, but the most common and popular are usually males with more than 110 CIC points and females with more than 105 points. 

Hunt Carpathian Chamois in Romania with Iberhunting WorldwideThe male length of the trunk with the head is 110-130 cm, the height at the withers 70-80 cm and the wight between 40 and 60 kg alive.

The season begins on 1th September until 15th December. The breeding season is between September 10 – October 10 ranging with altitude and weather. 


Hunting in Romania Romania has a lot of virgin forest, making it a great destination for nature and hunting lovers.

This country is really the last wild frontier for hunting where to find some of the most spectacular trophies that nature can offer. It is the only destination where you will find amazing wild hunting experiences. 

In addition, Romania offers many forests that stretch for thousands of kilometers nestled in deep and silent lakes, mighty rivers and spectacular waterfalls. 

Regardless of the trophy you are looking for, the Romanian Carpathian mountains offer you an unforgettable adventure trip, as well as the experience of getting great trophies. 

The Hunt

Hunting is carried by stalking, this type of hunting offering the opportunity to enjoy the wild nature of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania but also to watch the behavior of the chamois in its natural environment with no rush.

Hunting Carpathian Chamois in Romania

The hunt is hard, so the hunter must have a good physical condition. The lack of roads and the difficulty of access means that it is necessary to walk between 1 and 3 hours to reach the top of the mountain where the largest chamois will be found.


The accommodation is located in a very beautiful mountain area with a fascinating landscape. It is the ideal place for comfort and hunting surrounded by nature beauties. 

Terms for Booking and Cancellation

As already mentioned, hunting for Carpathian Chamois is based on a strict licence / quota system. We need to buy licences for your hunt prior your arrival. To confirm your booking we require a deposit of 50 % of the costs for the hunt as well costs for gun import licence, registration of the hunt, permit for border zone and booking fees. The remaining balance to the full costs of the hunt is to be paid not later than six month prior your arrival. 

In case of cancellation earlier than six month before your hunt starts, 50% of costs for the hunt as well as costs for gun import licence and booking fees are to be paid. In case of cancellation shorter than six month prior the hunt starts we will be forced to invoice you the full costs for the hunt as well as costs for gun import licence and booking fees. We want to suggest every client to have cancellation insurance, this has to be arranged by yourself.

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