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When you hunt with Iberhunting Worldwide, you will know the place, the animals and their habitat. You will enjoy every moment and every cast. This is real hunting, pure hunting.

We offer our hunters premium access to our vast private property that offers the possibility of hunting the impressive red stag, chamois, fallow deer, goat hunting and rams.

We also hunt animals such as the Tahr in a series of forests and fish in rivers and places around the southern island of New Zealand. We make packages to suit your needs. We have options for single hunters, groups, families and couples, giving hunters and non-hunters exceptional and unique experiences.

Iberhunting  is famous for their hospitality, offering a range of comfortable accommodation options that adapt to their needs.

Our hunting trips are recognized throughout the world for the quality of our service, the majesty of our land, the dedication and care provided to ensure that your hunting experience is truly extraordinary.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a country of Oceania that is located in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean. Formed by two large islands, the North Island and the South Island, along with other smaller islands, standing out among them the Stewart Island and the Chatham Islands.

Hunt in New Zealand with Iberhunting Worldwide

The climate in New Zealand is basically temperate. The average temperatures are between 8°C on the South Island and 16°C on the North Island. January and February are the warmest months while July is the coldest.

The deer that we can hunt here are the most impressive in the world, with unparalleled quality and beauty.

Hunting in New Zealand with Iberhunting WorldwideIberhunting Worldwide offers you the possibility to get your dream for an incredible price and enjoy the virgin lands of New Zealand.

Red deer were introduced into New Zealand from the British stock between 1851 and the early 1900s, and are the most widespread deer species in New Zealand.

The commitment of the administration staff, careful with the hunting and the continuous improvement in the bloodlines has given us the current Red Deer World Records with a long list of impressive red deer trophies captured by our hunters who dominate the SCI Record Books.

New Zealand Tahr Hunt

Hunting in New Zealand with Iberhunting Worldwide

The Tahr can be found in the south of the Himalayas and in New Zealand. 

The hunting of Tahr is often combined with the chamois in New Zealand, highly sought after by all goat hunters, both being a high mountain hunt, in impressive environments where you will enjoy every second you are hunting. 

It is a very beautiful goat with a very long coat around the neck that makes this trophy become customary for all international hunters. 

Its horns are not big, but the sportiness of its hunting and its skin make it a magnificent hunting trophy. Both in Nepal, where we find the most impressive mountains on the planet, and in New Zealand, a unique paradise for all animals where the beauty of its land- scapes will make us contemplate some wonderful wild places.

The Himalayan tahr has steadily risen in status as a big game trophy. Many of our clients like to incorporate this animal in their hunt package because of the variety it adds to their New Zealand experience. The bull tahr’s horns with their broad base and tapering point are now a familiar sight in trophy rooms around the world. The heavy winter coat of a bull tahr, with its long mane, also rates as a trophy in its own right. 

Iberhunting can offer you several approaches to hunting this fine trophy animal. 

A popular option accesses tahr territory via a nearby high country station. This approach begins with a scenic drive around Lakes Hawea and Wanaka en route to either the Dingleburn River or Makarora. We then use 4WD drive tracks to gain altitude and finally continue the hunt on foot. The high country shearing quarters of a working farm provide accommodation. 

A second option hunts the West Coast mountain tops. This exciting alternative begins with a road trip to the West Coast over the South Island’s main divide via Haast Pass. The client and guide take a helicopter flight from the West Coast and get dropped above timberline. The helicopter returns later the same day to collect the hunters and their trophies. 

A third option hunts the Mount cook tops. Instead of driving over the Haast Pass, we take our clients north to the Mt Cook area. A helicopter flies into remote open country, leaving the client and guide to spot and hunt their tahr trophy. The helicopter returns later for the pick up. 

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