Finally the day arrived, our friend is getting ready to get his longed-for Spanish Ibex Grand Slam. We will try to hunt a Gredos Ibex Gold medal, in the spectacular Gredos mountains.

The morning begins and we only see females and young males. The weather is quite warm and we fear that the animals will be very high. Because of that, we will have to go and look for them at the top of the mountain.

Our thinking did not fail, because after more than 8 kilometers up the mountain we had not seen any Ibex Gredos. But, our professional guides knew where they were. So after a long, hard and spectacular road, our guide finds a spectacular Ibex Gredos.

Gredos Ibex

After a while evaluating the age and the trophy, we decided to go for it since it is 13 years old and it is an incredible trophy. We managed to get to 180 meters, but a female runs away and takes with her the Ibex Gredos. After a second attempt we got to a distance of 150 meters, this time the Ibex group was quiet and had not seen us.

The turn to get the trophy

Chuck is your turn! Hunter and animal face to face, the dream of our friend 150 meters. The tension is so strong that the first shot is low and not on target, but Chuck’s experience quickly reloads the weapon and makes a second shot in the heart of a beautiful and spectacular Ibex Gredos.

After getting to hunt it is time to celebrate the success of the hunt, thank the animal for his gift to us, and immortalize the moment with photographs.

Gredos Ibex

Congratulations for this spectacular trophy, and for getting your Spanish Ibex Grand Slam, it is a pleasure for Iberhunting Spain to have accompanied you and your wife on this trip through Spain and to have enjoyed your company in the corners of this wonderful country.