After an extensive hunting history, today we are accompanied by a young Austrian determined to hunt Aoudad Sheep in Spain.

After arriving at the airport and with just the weekend to be able to hunt, take the car and without further delay, we went up to the hunting area.

A pretty bad afternoon, since the main protagonists were the wind and the cold. We started to hunt and climb a small mountain where traces and traces are often found but we have been an hour and nothing.

During several hours of searching for the mountain peaks, we decided to go down to the ravines, since the wind was intense and sure the groups would find themselves hidden where the wind did not bother them. And as we expected a last hour, we could see a group that had more than 30 copies. However, it was very far and we only had a few minutes before the sun set.

After a shower, time to enjoy the cuisine, and answers the next morning.

New day of hunt of Aoudad Sheep

A new day, and the illusions to hunt and shrivel grew more and more. It began to walk of the night and we wanted to be in the top of the mountain. When they shone, the first rays of the sun, as well as the great success and the great fortune that we observed great group eating and seeking shelter to sleep.

The moment of truth, the issue of being able to get closer. So we decided to wait until we started to sleep to get closer to them. And that was how we got to more than 1000m, but thanks to the experience of our guides we were able to get to 80 meters away.

Challenge achieved, now it is time to celebrate the success. After the photos and preparations, we went to celebrate it in an incredible restaurant but for a short time. Our friend, and coinciding with the zeal of the red partridge, wants to hunt a to dissect it since he is passionate about birds too.

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