Hunting Beceite Ibex with bow in Spain.

Another adventure of Iberhunting Spain, this time we went to stalk a Beceite Ibex with bow.  We wanted to hunt him with a spectacular stalking, without waiting, or feeders, that is to hunt him without help.

Henrik our protagonist, prepare the bow and arrows the first day of hunting. The morning starts well, we arrive at the hunting area and we see the first Beceite Ibex.

Beceite Ibex

First attempt

Henrik, Jose our guide in Beceite and I decided to go for a beautiful Beceite Ibex that was sleeping on a rock. I from about 300 meters with a station and I indicated the position of the Ibex.

We managed to get to the place where the Beceite Ibex was, but with such bad luck that being 10 meters away, yes 10 meters away! It was impossible to make the shot, since the branches and vegetation made it impossible for the arrow to reach its destination. When descending to shoot without vegetation a female gave us away and we lost our first chance. We saw the group of Ibex running up into the forest.

Beceite Ibex

Second try

We managed to see a spectacular Ibex, let’s go for it! We managed to get to 40 meters from the group after 30 minutes walking and avoiding us to see and smell. But when we were ready to shoot at 48 meters, a female saw us and ran away taking the whole group with her.

The jealousy of the Ibex is a very good time, but you have to be very careful with the females.

Beceite Ibex

Third try

Second day of hunting here, this day was very bad, since we were behind more than 10 groups without success, we were in a spectacular site that we could have hunted with a rifle, any category of Beceite Ibex.

This place had many Ibex but the loose stones and the difficulty of the terrain, made it impossible that after all the day after our goal, it was impossible to get it.

Beceite Ibex

A long-awaited day

We never lost hope, we arrived at the hunting area, and as always 5 minutes watching the mountain and we see the first Beceite Ibex.

It’s our chance, I climb to the highest peak where I have an impressive panoramic view, binoculars, telescope and radio in hand. I decide to be the eyes of our hunter and guide and explain them step by step, where the animals are and what is the way Right.

Beceite Ibex

Everything seemed to be against us, the females did not stop walking and moving and the males behind them, making Henrik, our protagonist many kilometers to get his coveted trophy.

But finally after more than 4 hours behind the group, the animals decide to lie down and sleep. Teamwork is always essential, I from the distance with the station and the telescope, the professionalism of our guide and his knowledge of the mountain, and Henrik who after more than 15 hours walking in 3 days, never lost hope, we managed to get to 30 meters, having our Bebeite Ibex sleeping 30 meters without having seen us, a tense wait of a few minutes and our Ibex got up. It was our moment, Henrik opened the bow and the arrow flew straight to the heart of Beceite Ibex, falling a few meters from the shot.

Congratulations friend, you just finished your Spanish Ibex Grand Slam with bow!