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balearean boc

The Balearean Wild Goat or the Balearean Boc is indigenous to the Balearean Island of Mallorca.

This island is the only destination in the world where this rare trophy can be hunted and he will be accepted as Balearean Goat trophy by SCI. He has added it to their record book.

This specie is recognised by the Safari ClubInternational (SCI) and at present it appears in the Gran Slam 20 goats which may be hunted.

The Balearean/Mallorcan Wild Goat is a species of Capra World Slam.

Scientific Classifacation

  • Capra aegagrus (hircus) ssp.
  • Order: Artiodactyla.
  • Suborder: Ruminantia.
  • Family: Bovidae.


The Balearean Boc is similar to other Mediterranean goat, but with some peculiarities that distinguish it from the others: It has a reddish coat, a black cros son the back, black beard and horn usually open, growing sideways.

The Balearean Boc present sexual di-morphism affecting size, coloration pattern, horns size and shape, and the presence of a black beard in male goats, which grows longer in age. Physical measures varies from about 60-80 cm in males shoulder height, to 50-60 cm in females. Weight varies from 40-80 Kg in males to 25-40 kg in females.

Horns in males are well developed with a very open, almost horizontal “V” shape. Every horn develops in a spiral shape, achieving spreads of near 100 cm in well developed matute bocs. Females show bow shared, straight and non spiraled horas. Female horns are shorter and thinner than male ones.

The colour of the skin is variable depending on age, gender and melanin level in each individual. After a few weeks of life males face goes almost completely black, later the chest and the 2 dorsoventral stripes.

Hunting Method

Stalking is the hunting modality used in the Tramuntana Mountains for the Balearean Boc. This modality consist in looking for the animal, and after locating it, doing a silent approximation in order to shot the animal.

Hunting Zone

The Tramuntana mountains extends in NE-SW direction along the NW Mallorca coast line, from Formentor peninsula up to Dragonera Island, near Sant Elm (Andratx).

Tramuntana mountains

This mountain chain has a length of 90 Km an average width of 15 Km. Climate in Tramuntana Mountain is mediterranean and temperature there are normally 4º or 5º lower than in the rest of the island. Rainfall gets annual averages of 1400 mm. Snow appears every winter on higher peaks. Summer is very hot. Associated to this conditions and the fact of being in a closed island we can find in this part of the island a high number of endemia species such as “estepa joana”, “peonia borda”, “didalera”, etc. Big extensions of reed are common too. Wood land is formed by pines and oaks.

Accommodation & Gastronomy

 Mallorca or Majorca is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean. It is connected with regular flights to the main airports around the world. Palma is the capital; its history goes back a long way and it offers no-ending cultural, sporting and gastronomic activities. Not only does it offers the visitors the best in accommodation and services but also the possibility to enjoy the typical, bucolic landscape.

BOC Balear accommodation

The traditional dishes from Majorca’s renowned cuisine are, of course, based on the ingredients of the famous Mediterranean diet. Meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, pulses, rice, olive oil and other ingredients are skilfully combined in recipes with a long tradition to create delicious dishes that are best enjoyed accompanied by one of Majorca’s excellent wines. Without doubt Mallorca deserves to be a year round destination – the climate is mild, the food and wine are excellent, and hiking in the hills gives you a chance to work up an appetite!

In addition to amazing seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, and divine cheeses, Mallorca has become world-famous for two of its most amazing delicacies: sobrassada and the ensaïmada.


Tourism in Mallorca

Majorca is synonymous with world-renowned beaches and coves, but is also a perfect destination to enjoy countryside, golf, culture, water sports, entertainment… There are many reasons to visit this enclave in the Balearic Islands.

The island measures almost 80 kilometres from one end to the other and is outstanding for its diversity. It has 550 kilometres of coast, where you will find some of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful coves and beaches: white sand beaches with a full range of services, as well as small coves set between cliffs and pine groves in the north of the island.

Its clean, clear waters are ideal for swimming and water sports such as scuba diving, windsurfing, fishing, sailing, and even surfing. However, these are not the only sports available: there are a range of well-designed golf courses, harmoniously set in their surroundings, suitable for all levels.

The countryside also plays an important role. Almost 40 percent of the island is protected. Its landscapes are characterised by contrast. There are outstanding areas such as the Sierra de Tramuntana Mountains, in the north, with peaks reaching over 1,400 m above sea level, and the Cabrera Marine and Terrestrial Nature Reserve, a group of islands and islets, just over an hour away by boat.

Tourism in Mallorca

There are pleasant surprises to be found in every corner of Majorca. Good ways to explore the island are hiring a car or going on outings. There are a host of routes and hiking trails, both along the coast and inland. They are fully signed, with information panels, meaning you can discover the island’s diversity on foot or by bike.

Towns such as Deià, Pollença and Valldemossa have captivated artists for centuries, on account of their picturesque atmosphere. Nowadays, Majorca is a favourite holiday destination for famous people from the world of politics, film and fashion.

Culture is a vital part of the life of the island. Throughout the year there are festivals, concerts, literary events, exhibitions… The capital, Palma de Mallorca, is the island’s cultural centre, outstanding for its historic old town and excellent night life.

Furthermore, the island has excellent communications, with Son Sant Joan international airport, eight kilometres from Palma, and scheduled boat and ferry services from Palma and Alcúdia ports.

Mallorca Wild Goat Hunt in Spain

The Seal of the Mallorca Goverment​ for hunting BOC Balear

Dear friends,

The Goverments, hunting deparment of Mallorca, have checkout that more hunters have be in Mallorca, that licenses they have for the Boc Balear in the last year, this means, ilegal hunts, to stop the ilegal companys or anybudy, who try to sell Boc Balear, with out Seal, the Goverment have creat a special Seal, to control the licenses or export of trophies from Mallorca.

The Seal of the Mallorca Goverment​ inform all hunters and agencys about the legal way to hunt the Boc Balear in Mallorca, the reason why the Mallorca Goverment have creat this seal, is to avoid the cheap prices of the furtives or ilegal hunters or agencys, who destroid the special hunt and trophee of the Irland of Mallorca, only 3 Outfitters on this moment have this Seal to organize the hunt.

Special control, by income of hunters to Mallorca, with guns, the Guardia Civil ( Police ) will need all papers of the Outfitters, licenses, Insurance,Seal plus the Tag of the Trophy, many hunters comes us tourist to Mallorca and hunt the Boc Balear for a special price truth any contacts in the island, with out any documents, Seal…

Take care, because special dogs of the Police, check out per land, sea and air all packages, don´t take any risk, that maybe can cost your hunting licenses in your Country!!!

Friends pls take care and ask always for the Seal and Tag of your Trophy!!!

We are not the cheapest BUT, we give the best service from the first day to the latest day and we hunt only in one way LEGAL!!


Program based on: 2 hunting days & 3 Nights

Airport: Mallorca Airport

Hunting Season: Open during all the year

Best Hunting Period: From October to May

Hunting Method: Mountain Stalking Hunt

Recomm. Calibers: 300 WM, 338 WM, 270 Weath, 8×68, 300 Weath.

Shooting Distance: 150 – 300 meters or  165 – 325 yards

Shorter or longer shots also depending on the skill of the hunters.

Difficulty: We hunt in vast zones where the density and quality of trophies allows the hunt to be adapted to each person’s physical condition.

Combination: This program is possible to combinate with “Fishing Boat” the Mediterranean species as Tuna.

Iberhunting Spain Logo

For more information contact us: iberhunting@iberhunting.com

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