Premium Program from 15th October to 28th February 2019*

* Redstag until 28th February 2019 and Sierra Nevada Ibex & Female Ibex until 31th May 2019.


Premium Hunting Program Sierra Nevada Ibex & Redstag
This special program for groups will bring you to the Sierra de los Filabres in the province of Almería (Andalusia). In this incredible mountains we can find two of the most representative Spanish species: the Sierra Nevada (Southeastern Ibex) and the Spanish Redstag. To stalk both animals in these mountains is an unforgettable experience!

Southeastern Ibex – Sierra Nevada Ibex

Sierra Nevada is a mountainous massif belonging to the Baetic mountain range, more specifically the Peni-betico range. The southeaster ibex or Sierra Nevada ibex can be found all over the Eastern side of Andalusia in the provinces of Granada, Almeria and Jaen.

The males have thick, rough, knotty horns, and are normally in the shape of semicircle curving backwards. In contrast to deer, they do not shed them annually, but keep them throughout their entire lives. The age of the animals can be measured by the rings of annual growth. Capra Pyrenaica is an animal with great sexual dimorphism. As with the majority of mammals, this means there are ample differences between the mor-phology of the male goat and the female goat. They tend to divide into groups of sexes which can contain over 30 individuals: the males in one group and the females and youngs in another.

They move easily around rocky walls of incredible verticality, thans to the peculiarity of their hooves, whose internal surface in non-slip. Even when they are sedentary, in Winter they carry out prolonged displace-ments in search of refuge and shelter, climbing down to lower areas.

Spanish Mountain Redstag

The red deer (Cervus elaphus) is one of the largest deer species.


We hunt the redstag by stalking in high mountains in the south of Spain, provinces of Almería, Jaén or Granada. To hunt this animal by stalking method in the mountain is one of the best hunting opportunities.

Description of the hunt

Your hunting trip will start with your arrival to the airport. The closest airport to the hunting area is Almería. But if you don’t find any flight to this airport, you can fly also to Murcia (San Javier) airport or to Alicante. The last one is about 2.30h from the hunting area, but it is an international airport and for sure that it will be easier to get flights there.

At your arrival to the airport we will meet you and will accompany you during all your trip and will care for your hunt. After the clearance documents for bringing your riffle, you will be transfered to the hotel. It is also possible to rent a rifle by us.

Sierra Nevada Ibex

This hunt, just like other stalking of this species, begins in the early hours of the morning. It is a mountain hunt in which the hunter and guides search, with the aid of binoculars and monocularfor a suitable trophy according to the clients demands. The stalking should then be carried out in complete silence, with attention being paid to the recommendations of the guide, who will demonstrate his knowledge and know-how in the terrain. This is a species with a very sharp sense of smell, sight and hearing, an adversary which will contribute to the hunt, together with the incomparable landscape common to the area, the necessary ingredients to make a great hunting day.

Shooting distances may be in the range of 150 – 250 meters. Recommended calibres for this hunt are 300 WM, 338 WM and 270 Watherby. In most cases you will have time to get a confortable rest for shooting, but sometimes you must be able to manage quicker shots.


Charming and confortable hotels situated in the heart of the countryside will host you during your stay. The perfect places to enjoy a wonderful scenary. Excellent service and the highest quality.

The Romans taught Andalusia how to cultivate wheat and vines and used the fish from the seas to produce the best “garum” in the empire.

Andalusia, a meeting place of culture and cuisine.

The Arabs taught the people of Andalusia to grow fruit and vegetables. They used irriga-tion systems and perfected the cultivation of the olive and the production of the oil.

Aceite de oliva virgen extra

Furthermore, the Greeks, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Visigoths left their mark on the art, science, culture and gastronomy of Andalusia. This is a quite a legacy and the best way to get to know it better is to sit down to the table.

Sierra Nevada Gastronomy Sierra Nevada Gastronomy Sierra Nevada Gastronomy

A Mediterranean based gas-tronomy which is unique due to the extremely high quality of its ingredients from the sea or vegetable garden, and be-cause of the use of extra virgin olive oil, an indispensable el-ement which gives personality and distinction to these dishes, and it is present in the quintessential Andalusian dish: “Gazpacho”.

Premium Hunting Program Premium Hunting Program Premium Hunting Program

Cost of the hunt → info request

The price includes:

  • 1 Bronze Medal Sierra Nevada + 1 female
  • 1 Representative Spanish Redstag
  • Hunting licence and insurance
  • 4 hunting days
  • 5 Nights fullboard accommodation single-room
  • English speaker hunting guide
  • Transport during the hunt
  • Transfer from/to Alicante, Almería or Murcia airport

The price doesn’t include:

  • Non-hunter
  • Alcoholic drinks and other drinks out meals
  • Taxidermy and shipment of trophies
  • Tips
  • Transfer from/to a different airport

3 years licenses guaranty if no blood is make it just only daily rates cost.

Terms for booking and cancellation

To confirm your booking we require a deposit of 50% of the cost for the hunt. The remaining balance to the full cost of your hunt has to be paid not later than 60 days before the hunting date. In case to shoot a bigger trophy the extra points would be paid after the hunt by sign of the hunting protocol before your departure. The measure of the trophies will be done “en verde” (in green) in the field by the rangers of the Natural Park.

Any reservation made less than sixty days before de hunting date will be confirmed by the full payment of the hunt.

For the management of your Spanish licence and insurance, we will need to receive copy of your hunting licence and identity card or passport.

In case of cancellation with more than 180 days before the hunting date, the deposit will be refunded less 10% and five hundred euros as administration fees. In case of cancellation between 180 and 61 days before the hunting date, the total deposit is forfeited. In case of cancellation of 60 or less days before the hunting date, all booked services must be paid.

Injured animals which can’t be found are considered to be shot and must be paid by the customer.