Hunting Sierra Nevada Selective Ibex & Female in Spain

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  • Hunting Area: Sierra Nevada.
  • Airport: Málaga / Granada / Almería.
  • Hotel: Hacienda Señorío de Nevada ****.
  • Program: Special Offer for Selective Sierra Nevada Ibex and Female.
  • Price: Contact us.


  • 1 Selective Sierra Nevada Ibex (max. 35cm).
  • 1 Female.
  • Transfer from/to Almería, Málaga or Granada airports.
  • Hunting licence and insurance.
  • Transport during the hunt.
  • Hunting guide.
  • English translator.
  • 3 Hunting days.
  • 4 Nights fullboard accommodation in double-room.
  • 21% V.A.T. included.

Doesn’t Include:

  • Single-room: 55.-€/Night.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Transfer from/to a different airport.
  • Taxidermist.
  • Tips.

Sierra Nevada Selective Ibex Female

Sierra Nevada Ibex & Female Selective Itinerary

1st Day “Arrival Day”

This is the arrival day for group. It is posible to arrive to Málaga, Granada or Almería airports. After collecting the weapons in the airport, we will drive to the Hotel Hacienda Señorío de Nevada, the perfect place to enjoy your stay in Sierra Nevada, an amazing scenary!.

This hotel is located in a country house called La Bodega, keeping the same architecture and harmoniously combining a modern and rustic design.

Sierra Nevada Ibex accommodation

This is a cellar and wine tasting hotel where wine varieties such as Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and a local wine variety called Tempranillo are used to create these wonderful wines.

The restaurant Señorío de Nevada is a feast of your senses!

Sierra Nevada Gastronomy Sierra Nevada Gastronomy Sierra Nevada Gastronomy

2nd, 3rd & 4th Days “Hunting days”

Sierra Nevada is a mountainous massif belonging to the Baetic mountain range, more specifically the Penibetico range. This can be found in Andalusia, in the central south-east area of the province of Granada and the south-eastern part of the province of Almería.

This hunt, just like other stalking of this species, begins in the early hours of the morning. It is a mountain hunt in which the hunter and guides search, with the aid of binoculars and monocular, for a suitable trophy according to the clients demands. The stalking should then be carried out in complete silence, with attention being paid to the recommendations of the guide, who will demonstrate his knowledge and know-how in the terrain.

This is a species with a very sharp sense of smell, sight and hearing, an adversary which will contribute to the hunt, together with the incomparable landscape common to the area, the necessary ingredients to make the day an unforgettable hunting experience.

The Ibex is a very old species. It is estimated that during the Pliocene era (7 million years ago), the caprinidae of central Asia arrived in Europe and it was around the Riss glacial stage when the Iberian form of the Capra genus appeared differentiated from the Ibex of central Europe.

Sierra Nevada Selective Ibex - hunting zone

The most important colony of the Capra Pyrenaica Hispanica, which inhabits the parallel mountain ranges of the Mediterranean peninsula, is in Sierra Nevada.

The males have thick, rough, knotty horns, and are normally in the shape of a semicircle curving backwards. In contrast to deer, they do not shed them annually, but keep them throughout their entire lives. The age of the males can be measured by the rings of annual growth.

Capra Pyrenaica is an animal with great sexual dimorphism. As with the majority of mammals, this means there are ample differences between the morphology of the male goat and the female goat. They tend to divide into groups of sexes which can contain over 30 individuals: the males in one group and the females and young in another.

They move easily around rocky walls of incredible verticality, thanks to the peculiarity of their hooves, whose internal surface is non-slip. Even when they are sedentary, in Winter they carry out prolonged displacements in search of refuge and shelter, climbing down to lower areas.

5th Day “Departure day”

  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • Transfer to the airpot.