Day to observe, and control the ibex so that our hunters get their dream.

We love the great rivers between stone walls, where the terrain is more difficult, is where the oldest and intelligent animals take refuge.

At this point I address myself, armed with patience to wait for the animals to begin to move and about 300 meters away so as not to disturb them, I sit down to wait.

After about 15 minutes I see two small ibex on a large stone.

Hunting Spanish Ibex

In my mind a big disappointment as I expected to find a great ibex, obejective of our next hunters.

But like an apparition from under a stone, I can see a movement of something I had not yet seen, and there was the grandfather of the river a great ibex with about 12-13 years of age and with a gold medal antler.

In hunting, patience is a virtue, and sitting to wait always brings its rewards.

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