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New Zealand is at the antipodes of Europe and although it is a long journey, visiting this captivating and fascinating destination is certainly well worth it. The exuberance of its natural landscapes with lush forest ecosystems, beautiful glaciers, lakes, dream beaches and arid volcanic areas are the main attraction of the land of the kiwi.

This country is divided into two major islands, the North Island and the South Island, separated by the Cook Strait. Our destination this time will be the South Island, known to the Maori as Te wai pounamu (the greenstone waters) or Te Waka or Aoraki (Aoraki’s canoe).

The largest deers in the world

These impressive landscapes are home to a great variety of game species with high quality trophies of Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Arapawa Sheep, South Pacific, Tahr and Chamois. The hunting season begins in mid-February, which corresponds to the end of summer in New Zealand, and ends in July when its winter ends. The Red Deer can be hunted throughout the season, being in heat from mid-March to mid-April. Tahr and Rebeco can also be hunted at the same time, being in their heat, May, June and July, when they have the best winter fur.

The extensive hunting area is a private concession that also has nearby rivers and tributaries where you can fish for salmon and trout, a complement for lovers of fishing. We also offer different excursions for accompanying persons ranging from hiking and mountain biking routes to tourist visits to local towns and large cities such as Queenstown or wine cellars.

The accommodation and hospitality are unique. A magnificent lodge located by Lake Hawea is the vacation paradise to experience the rural New Zealand lifestyle.

  • Airport: Queenstown

  • Hunting Season: Mid February – End of July

  • Duration: From 7 days

  • Accommodation: Luxury Lodge

Next Hunting Trip: July 4-10 2021!

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