References of our hunters

Here you can check the references of our hunters that come with us to hunt in Spain:

Denmark Thomas Bekkevold​

Reference - 108

Having hunted extensively during the past 10 years on 4 continents, I rank my recent Ronda ibex hunt with Antonio firmly amongst my top 3 hunts.

Iberhunting delivers excellence in all key parameters – guiding, lodging, logistics and trophy quality, qualifying itself as a true top-tier outfitter. Simply just a fantastic hunt that I would encourage anyone to experience.

Personal references are welcome by telephone request (+45) 27150764.

Denmark N.L.

Reference - 107

One of my best trips yet. Perfect for one and perfect for two.

If you are looking for the perfect place to take your better half hunting. I will particularly recommend this place and Iberhunting as organizer. The hunting is located in the national park and when back at the beautiful valley hotel, your host, the other hunting guests and various spa’s and the Michelin star rated kitchen awaits you.

Every detail is very well organized and guided. All the way from booking to leaving.

The terrain can be easy slow up & downhill walking or hard work and climbing, if that is what you prefer. In both cases the hunting is perfect. I know, cause we did both.

Hunting is spot and stalk, in the most magnificent mountains, in a perfect for walking temperature/climate. We saw lot and lots of game, from fallow deer, red deer to Ibex and vultures. Lots…!!

I was the only gun carrying hunter on our trip, but my fiancé actively hunted as well, by spotting and stalking just like the guide and I. We got a nice representative Ibex, a very nice selective “einwachser” Mouflon and two females. The national park is relying on hunters for completing the eco circle as toppredators, which makes the hunting a lot more than just getting a trophy and having a good time.

I love this place and intend to go back there soon.

Denmark Henrik Lind

Reference - 106

It was my greatest hunting ever, together with Antonio, hunting the Sierra Nevada Ibex. The hunt was perfect and it was my first hunt outside Denmark.

After 2 hour with the scoop looking at the beautyful nature and after the right size of Ibex, we found him nearly 500 meters from us at the other side of the mountain. 2.5 hour later he was 207 meter from me, and with a perfect shot he was down. I have dedicated my Ibex to a good friend of me, there was kill in a accident 2 weeks before my hunt.

My best recommendation to Antonio and he’s team.

Poland Anna and Marcin

Reference - 105

Mercedes and Antonio – thank you for the perfect organised and successful hunt in Sierra Nevada. We were in Spain for the first time, but for sure not for the last. We have found Iberhunting as a very reliable company, which can be highly recommended.

Best regards, Anna and Marcin.

Denmark Allan Vester

Reference - 103

Dear Mercedes and Antonio.

Another hunt with Antonio, and this time with Christian as local hunting guide in the search for Beceite, in the beautiful mountains near Rossell, the weather was after November conditions hot and there was fine presence of the female ibex, but the male was not so accessible the first day and the second day was spent on some observation and hiking in the mountains, the end of the day we managed to get close to a group of 4 goats which of the two was representative and two trophy ibex, after an exciting hunt I succeeded by take a nice example of Beceite Ibex.

Once again thanks to Mercedes and Antonio, with many fantastic experiences in the beautiful Spanish mountains, supplemented with good food and beautiful hotels that reflect the areas we have visited to take down my Spanish Grand Slam at the 4 ibex.

Best personal regards. Allan.

Finland Matias Huhtala

Reference - 101

We were the first Finns that hunted with Iberhunting. So it was not a surprise that we had some worries before the trip but we more or less right in the beginning realized that it was not needed! We had a trip of the life time! We have been hunting in different places during the years and this trip was one of the best ones or even the best! Hunting in the mountains of Spain was exceeding all the hopes and it was awesome to end the experience to Monteria. Once more thank You Mercedes and Antonio about wonderful memories.

Matias Huhtala (Finland). On behalf of Team Hubertus.

Belgium Willy Vanhelden

Reference - 100

Back again a beautiful week of hunting with IBERHUNTING. This was the third huntingtrip for me with Iberhunting and all three were above expectation. Aswell for the accomidation,the food, the hunting as for the general take care.

I onely can highly recommendant IBERHUNTING when you wisch to hunt in Spain without any conserns or problems. Look forwards for the next trips.

Thanks Mercedes and Antonio.

Saudi Arabia Khalid Sultan Al Saud

Reference - 99

Everything was perfect about this hunting adventure with Iber Hunting. The accommodation and the service in each location was on top of the line in fact exceeded my expectations. I met Antonio through my friend Matt Guedes of with no doubts Antonio is the best organizer he made our 14 days traveling between 6 different locations all over Spain so easy and joyful and of course helped me accomplish exactly what I came for. 14 days made me know them very well and felt like one family towards the end of this journey.

This is my first with him but for sure he’ll be my source all over Europe for any hunting adventure. Thank you once again for the amazing experience Antonio!


Reference - 98

Tuff hunt compounded by a persistent back/leg injury, but the preacher talked me thru it, Thanks Matthew Guedes About a 14 km trek up and down to 1900 meters! 375 yd heart shot in heavy winds?!? Kudos to Antonio owner at Iberhunting in Spain.

What a wonderful location to base camp out of. Would love to be there during season to enjoy all the spa facilities. Lolo actually opened up Spa Coto del Valle in Cazorla, Spain just for us! Food was amazing, way beyond great!

Presentation was artistic, variety was extensive, and even personal preferences and needs were handled graciously and beyond expectation! Truly a hunt that you could take the significant other along on with no disappointments, and reasonably priced for non-hunter also! And on the important side of the trip, the hunting was more than expected. Great variety of game seen every day, stags, mouflon, fallow, besides the Ibex like pictured above. And the scenery was amazing. Looking down over old castles and quaint Spanish towns perched on the edge of the steep mountains and cliffs with amazingly well maintained roads and trails all within the expanse of a national forest!

Antonio spared no expense or personal effort to make everything perfect. He even took us on my last day of Ibex hunting to a personal honey hole, that allow me to make a great shot on a nice Sierra Nevada Ibex. He and our ranger guide Nito, even insisted on carrying my gear and trophy back down, as they knew my leg was hurting badly by then. After a tuff climb to the top and a careful sneak into position above the herd, down was definitely a harder effort!

I was glad for the assistance and encouragement from my boss and personal friend; “preacher”Matt Guedes! And thanks for the heart felt personal congratulations from ranger Nito (that came across passionately even before someone translated for us) and the FB compliment from Antonio also: Iberhunting – you make it happen Ron you are a real hunter you die before you give up Super !!! So as always – Go there! @Iberhunting with @journeyhunts

EEUU Matt Guedes

Reference - 97

I have had the privilege of hunting all around the globe. In over 20 years of hunting guided hunts I have not found anybody as professional, complete, well organized, and one who hunts as well as Antonio and Mercedes do.

Everything from the accommodations to the meals to the actual hunt were done in a first class manor. Iber Hunting will be the European and Middle East hunt choice for Journey Hunts and our clients.

Denmark Jill & Jørgen

Reference - 93

Dear Mercedes and Antonio,

Once again we decided to go to Spain for hunting with IBER-HUNTING. This time is was for Beceite Ibex, which was the last one I lacked to get the Spanish Ibex Grand Slam.

As usual we had brought along golf equipment, since we did not expect to spend more than one day, perhaps two to get the Ibex…

Mercedes and Antonio had arranged that we were staying in a nice golf resort, so we could play golf when the hunt was over. A nice way to combine the interests of the family ;-).

As Antonio and the ranger said the first day – two hours then it is over!!! We just need to drive up into the mountains, locate the animal herd and shoot… But it turned out, however, that the hunt was not quite as easy as expected.

It took three long and intense hunting days in the mountains before I got my Ibex. Last days at the very last hour we managed to spot a bronze medal ibex out at 350 meters… I took the shot and succeeded. What a great experience ;-).

Because of the many long hunting days, there was not much time for golf, so Antonio offered, the last two days, to drive back to the hotel at lunchtime to pick up Jill who had played golf in the morning. What other PH would do that to satisfy the non-hunting part of the family… We are very grateful for that, Antonio…

Thanks for yet another wonderful holiday and unforgettable hunting experience in Spain. And thanks for the fine “spanish Ibex Grand slam” present you brought me. It is appreciated and looks great in our living room.

We will definitely come back 😉 See you.

Denmark Lars Nellmann

Reference - 92

Dear Antonio.

Thanks for the Best hunting Ever. I must say that mountain hunting is some of the hardest hunting. Iberhunting is top of World hunting.

See you next time.

EEUU Joseph Kerr

Reference - 90

The food was by far the best I have ever had on any hunting. The Rangers were absolutely fantastic, Antonio definitely goes out of hi way to provide a first class hunt from start to finished.

No, need to bring your rifle, Antonio has very high – end rifles availabel.

I recomend this hunt.

Zimbabwe Darren Taylor

Reference - 89

I had the very good fortune to come across Iberhunting when looking for an Ibex hunting opportunity in Spain. I say good fortune because there is always an element of risk when booking a hunt, and you never really know what to expect. You rely on word of mouth or reviews you read.

Well, I found a gem, so if you are weighing up options and comparing different outfitters, I can honestly say that you should probably stop here. I cannot imagine that your hunting experience would be better with anybody else. From initial contact, help with anything and everything regarding planning, transport (even, as in my case, when you arrange your own) and regulations is done with down to earth friendliness that epitomises Spain and how the hunting community should interact. This made getting there and arranging everything a breeze. Once ‘on site’, the experience was even better. In my case, we were hunting Ibex in the Gredos mountain reserve – we met Antonio from Iberhunting at the organized accommodation which was a perfect blend of local charm and cuisine, ideal location and hunter-friendliness…everything went smoothly and the whole feeling was one of warm welcome. Antonio was a perfect host who has obviously established good relationships with the hotel(s) he uses, and provided entertaining stories as well as pertinent advice for the current hunt as well as overall hunting opportunities in Spain and elsewhere. I got the sense that he is interested in building and maintaining a good reputation based on delivery of a good service at a reasonable price that will encourage hunters to return, as opposed to just ‘selling a hunt’ for short-term profit.

The hunt itself was outstanding. All hunting takes place in the reserve (which, from what I understand, is the case for all Iberhunting hunts) so you are assured that the quality, quantity and sustainability of animals is actively managed. This makes a big difference unless a) you do not care about environmental issues and b) you are willing to take the big risk of arranging a hunt in areas that are shot out or with very marginal populations. Because it is a reserve, your guides are reserve Rangers who know the mountains and animals very well: They know exactly what you are after in terms of trophy size and are extremely knowledgeable. In fact, they are scarily capable of estimating trophy size very accurately at distances way beyond shooting range! After careful scoping, walking/climbing and finally stalking a viable Ibex and getting into position for a shot, the guides are extremely helpful and take control without ‘taking over’. Once down, the trophy was properly tagged and well cared for in preparation for the taxidermist. There was no pressure for handling the trophy – the choice is yours. I chose to have the trophy mounted in Spain by the taxidermist that Antonio deals with – I have yet to get it, but have no doubt that I will like the end result.

All-in-all, a very pleasurable trip and excellent hunting experience with an outfit I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone!

Denmark Birgit & Klaus

Reference - 85

Hallo IBERHunting,

We would like to acknowledge a superb event, when hunting the above mentioned species. On the Photos you can see the impressive results, but we have many other big experiences in our memories.

The Hunt took place in ”Parque Natural Sierras de Cazorla” – a big mountain area northeast of Granada.

The terrain was rough with sharp cliffs and big ravines and spectacular views – and lots of game! On the first two days we observed Red Deer Stags, hinds and calves – Fallow Deer full shuffle plus lots of Pricklets an hinds with calves – mouflon rams and females – Ibex both bucks and females and Wild Boars.

It was exciting and very nice, to see so much game in the free nature, and it was certainly a fact that made this experience both fantastic and special.

It is difficult shots and the hunter is being tested – rather long ranges and odd angles. The Mouflon was shot from the “valley”, which means a shot angled up, at a distance of 120 y and the Ibex was taken from a high position with a shot nearly 200 y – furthermore it was on the other side of a ravine with steep (read vertical) slopes, but we succeeded in coming down and over and up again to the place of action – so there is a reason why we look so happy and satisfied on the Trophy Photo.

The fact, that the weather was good and the Hotel also was top of the scale with fantastic food and wines and service, did that we in all had a very nice experience in Andalucia.

We would really like to come again! Kind regards from Birgit & Klaus.

EEUU Joe & Cassie Smith

Reference - 84

We definitely had a wonderful time.

You and Antonio take care of every detail, which makes the experience extra special. We really appreciated how Antonio made things so enjoyable by having such good relationships with the game rangers and small restaurants in the different areas. We think you have developed an excellent hunting program, which anyone would appreciate. The touring, food, accommodations and hunt were exceptional.

We really look forward to hunting with you again.

Turkey Gökmen Yüzbasioglu

Reference - 83

I wanted to thank you and Antonio once again for the excellent organization. Gökmen’s specifically asked me to tell you that it was a pleasure hunting with you.

Denmark Anders Jenrich

Reference - 82

Dear Mercedes and Antonio,

Thank you for a very good time in Spain last week. Everything was very fine and ok.

I shoud say Hello from Troels and tell you that he will be back, and next time for, Sierra Nevada and Ronda.

Denmark Mark Lundgaard

Reference - 80

Dear Antonio,

Thank you so much for very nice hunting day. Everything was very well organized and I’m looking forward to next time we meet up.

Mark Lundgaard.

Norway Jan

Reference - 79

Spain much more than beach, sun and paella :-). For 3 days we hunted in the National park Cazorla. Organizer Iberhunting with Antonio Teruel.

The area absolutely fantastic, nature very special with steep mountains and wide open highland. And a lot of animals in really good condition.

I got my first trophy Ibex and Mufflon. And we did some really good administrative hunt for females. We will be back soon. Many thanks to Antonio for this memorable adventure. Spain also a country for hunters!. Jan.

Denmark Allan Vester

Reference - 76

Hej Antonio,

Once again, a great hunting experience accompanied by you, This time you attracted us with the hunt for the smallest Chamois, the Cantabrian, we got 3 successful hunting days with 3 animals taken, one each day. And as always, there are well taken care of meals and accommodation.

A challenging hunt in the beautiful Sierra de Ancares where we saw everything from fog, rain and strong wind to a beautiful sunny day at the end.

This is mountain hunting that will be remembered with excitement, thanks for some great hunting experiences.

All the best!.

Denmark Mads Juul

Reference - 75

Dear Antonio,

It was a nice and very very good hunting. It was hard to me but i hope we can do it Again. I hope you can make a trip where i can shoot a manke sheep.

Mads Juul.

Denmark Jesper Nielsen

Reference - 72

Dear Antonio,

I want to thank you for three great hunting days. It was a true pleasure to hunt with you!.

It was a great experience to hunt the Sierra Nevada ibex and the mouflon in the vast and wild mountains of Sierra Cazorla with the many panoramic views and apparently untouched wildlife.

Your local guides are very experienced and a pleasant company, too.

On top of the good hunting experiences both the accommodation in the mountains and the delicious Spanish food and wine finished the impression of a very successful hunting trip.

I look forward hunting with you again!

All the best, Jesper.

Denmark Allan Vester

Reference - 68

Dear Antonio,

Thank you for some unforgettable hunting days for Aoudad sheep in De Sierra Espuna, Murcia, I had some greatdays with many experiences in the beautiful landscape in good company with you and your other hunt guests from Norway and Denmark.

The Hunt purpose was Aoudad / Barbary sheep and hunt goddess Diana, smiled upon us all by showing us severalAoudad sheep in the mountainous terrain, and we also had some interesting experiences with hunt for wild boar and experience to feed the Fuente del Hilo well-known “not so wild” Wild boar.

I look forward for even more hunt experiences with you.

All the best for you and your family.

Denmark Jonas

Reference - 65

Dear Antonio and Mercedes,

I want to say a big thanks for the yours hospitality during our days in Spain. The days is without any doubt the best organised hunting tours, that I have ever been on. Everything was on a high standard, the food, atmosphere, nature and hunting ground. The openness of all the people involved, they made us feel very welcome.

BR, Jonas.

Denmark Jørgen E. Nielsen

Reference - 63

Gredos ibex hunting is probably one of the best in my hunting life this is my 3rd hunt with Iber hunting and this time it was with my famlie son – daughter and girlfriend Jill. it was a great experience to shoot a large bronze medal gredos ibex and then shoot 4 selection ibex. on the same mountain.

A great experience to share with my family. The first thing my kids said when we got home. we will also be with you the next time you traveling down to antonio. He\’s really a nice guy. they said. thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year see you in 2014

Jørgen E. Nielsen.

Czech Jirí Brodský

Reference - 62

Dear Antonio,

in my memories I still come back to the beautiful nature, beautiful ancient cities and unforgettable hunting experiences. Equally amazingwas the culinary experience. You’re an excellent hunter as well as excellent gourmet. Thank you again.

Jiri Brodsky.

Denmark Christian, William, Gustav, Anna & Erik

Reference - 56

Dear Antonio,

Thanks to you for probably one of my best hunts ever. The Mountains in Spain are fantastic and especially the hunt for the gredos was spectacular. A very memorable event. Greetings from all family.

Christian, William, Gustav, Anna & Erik.

Denmark Simon Frid

Reference - 52

Thank your for another nice Gredos Ibex hunting experience. A big bronze medal Ibex.

This time it only lasted half a day before shooting my Ibex. Hunting is hunting but this time it was fast.

Thank you for a nice stay and hospitality. See you again.

Denmark Allan Vester

Reference - 51

Antonio is a great person, an experienced hunter himself, and has access to some great hunting areas, he can customize the hunt if you want challenging hunt with fascinating scenery where the view changes in front of you as you work your way up.

Thank you for a great experience where I was on a challenging hunt for Gredos Ibex in Sierra De Gredos, and get the opportunity to experience several groups Gredos Ibex, with from 20 to 50 animals in groups, and after a great climb we chose to eat a well-deserved lunch near the “Puerto Del Peon” and find that a large group of ibex that had the same thought, just 30-40 meters below us we saw a group Gredos Ibex lie down and take a rest, and they could not be immediately disturb.

Thanks again for a great hunting experience.

Denmark Mads Houe

Reference - 49

Hi Antonio,

Thanks for some wunderful days in the Gredos Mountains.

We had two amazing hunting days in the Mountains, which are a truely magnificent area, where I got a good Ibex.

Everything was perfectly planned, the hunting, hotel, food and our last day in Avila.

Looking forward to the Monteria in 2014.

All the best, Mads Houe, Denmark.

Spain flag Daniel

Reference - 48

My name is Daniel, I’m a Spanish hunter who, with some friends, we have been hunting with IberHunting and Mistral for the Mid-Asian Ibex in Kazakhstan (Dshungarian Alatau area) from 30th July to 10th August 2013. The hunt was very well organised from pick up and assistance at the airport, transportation to the base camp, throughout all the hunt and back to the airport.

The hunt began early in the morning from the base camp, where the accommodation, overall atmosphere and cuisine were excellent with plenty of explanations about the hunt. After a long journey on horseback and walking , we reached the top of the mountains, where we placed our fly camp and started spooting for the ibex.

The game itself takes place at around 3000 meters, in pretty steep mountains with quite difficult approach in some cases, so the hunter must be in GOOD physical conditions to do this hunt. The hunting team is very professional and always willing to help you and the population of good trophy ibex is really high in that specific area. Under normal weather conditions 2-3 hunting days is well enough to harvest your trophy.

I took my “monster” Ibex at 330 meters in the evening of the first hunting day and it was surprisingly large and thick. After a long and hard horse/walk trip of about 100 km, during three real hunting days, we were back to the “high camp” and most of my colleagues were back on the same day or a day after. All of us we have harvest a really nice trophy, and one off us get two massive ibex in the same day.

Special thanks to Tony Ulmer for leading me during the Hunt and to Antonio for their paperwork and the entusiam preparing all the game ….

I would highly recommend that hunt with Antonio ( IberHunting ) and his team, the experience has been unforgettable, mountains are hard and highly demanding, but all in accordance with agreed. Thank you very much for the Hunt you have been prepared for my.

Denmark Steen Vasegaard

Reference - 46

Hi Antonio and thanks for some wonderful days again, everything was again perfectly planned.

I got a perfect hunting experience in a wonderful country, and it will not be the last you see me.

And next time it most be a Ronda we find to me.

Hungary Sándor Szabó

Reference - 43

Dear Mercedes & Antonio!,

Hunting with you and your professional local guides was very enjoyable. The mountains were beautiful, there were plenty of animals, the accomodation and the food was great.

I think all of us are very satisfied – three very good representative ibexes in 11 hours, it’s not only fortune.

It was an excellent trip for us, it will be in our memories for the rest of our life. We are looking forward to visiting you again, and we can only give IberHunting our best recommendations. Special thanks for the journey of Alhambra!

Best wishes

Sándor Szabó, Hungary.

Denmark Thor Grønbæk

Reference - 40

Dear Antonio,

Thank you very much, for the last trip which was a really good experience and hunting in the right way.

I would like to hunt with you again next year.

Thor Grønbæk.

Denmark Simon Frid

Reference - 37

Dear Antonio,

Thank you for some nice days in Spain when we hunted for Ronda Ibex. It was an excellent stay, super hotel, super catering and wine. I am very satisfied with me Ibex, it was a very good one and are looking forward to visiting you again.

Best wishes, Simon Frid.

Denmark Jeppe

Reference - 36

Many thanks for a great ride, I’ve enjoyed it so much, a SUPER nice trip, very nice and a great service and food/wine ect….!

It will be in my memory for the rest of my life, a trip I will never forget and want to try again …

Thousand thanks. !!

Denmark Allan Vester

Reference - 33

I have previously with great pleasure participated in hunts with Antonio, respectively Sierra María and “La Muela” area of Velez Blanco.

And now once again enjoyed being on the hunt with Antonio and Paco, we have experienced some challenging hiking trips in the Sierra de Tejeda, first at Wild Boar and then hunt for Ibex, where it was a pleasure to experience the spectacular terrain with great variation switches between the one fabulous view after the other.

I now look forward to again participate in a hunt with Iberhunting.

EEUU Rusty Schultz

Reference - 32

Hunting with Antonio and IBERHUNTNG was truly one of the best experiences of my life! The accommodations were very clean and comfortable. Food was most fabulous and very plentiful. High numbers of trophy animals were seen. The guides and equipment used were some of the best. I greatly look forward to returning and hunt with IBERHUNTING, one day.

Our hunter Rusty Schultz with his Capra World Slam , Rusty gave us the opportunity to be part of his hunting adventure. Thanks, Rusty!!!.

Germany Niels Richter

Reference - 31

Thank you Antonio for the very nice hunting expirience in the Ronda Mountains … sucsessfull hunt for ibex , very good organisation , delicious food und bev. !!! I think that all of the 6 come next january back to hunt a Beceite Ibex !!! Antonio you are the gratest…

Denmark Torsten Lehrmann

Reference - 30

I went hunting with IberHunting Spain in the Mountains of Sierra Nevada for Ibex in the end of November 2012.

There was a lot of Ibexes and the stalking was both physically challenging and very exiting. It is evident that the hunting pressure is not very high in the National Park and the hunt is very selective.

I was in position to shoot several times before the stalker was happy with the size of horns of the animal in front of us.

A part from the hunting I must also praise the food and the accomadation of the hunting trip.

I can only give IberHunting Spain my best recommendations.

Turkey Hakky Akksoy

References - 29

Dear Antonio,

Thanks for the special journey and successful hunt of Ronda Ibex and Barbary Sheep. Your passion for the great hunt, and your friendship was unique. The accommodation, meals we ate, hotels we stayed, friendliness of everyone in the crew; they all were wonderful and I had a week to remember. I am planning to see you in a short time, thank you for everything.

Turkey Ali Tipi

References - 25

Many thaks to you my friend antonia it was very nice experiance. I cant wait to see you on 24th may in valensia for beseite ibex.

Turkey Hakky Aksoy

Reference - 24

About roebuck hunting in may in poland…

Kindly and friendly accomodation. Nice dishes. Very good guides. More than 30 trophies in 3,5 days 2 hunters.

Denmark Charlotte Bülow

Reference - 20

Hunting with Antonio ( IBERHUNTING ) and his very competent local guides, was a real pleasure.

They were extremly good at spotting the ibexes and very nice company too.

Beautiful mountains and plenty of wild game made it a challenging and exciting experience.

The accommodation and food was great, and I can hardly wait to go hunting there again.

Denmark Per Henriksen

Reference - 13

Hey Antonio, Tanks for a very good hunting. If you kom to Denmark you ar always welcome to may home.

Denmark Fieldandforest Hunting Tours

Reference - 10

Iberhunting runs a very professional hunting organization and all the customers we have send down there, has had some great hunting experiences and fine trophies and are all very satisfied.

The trophies are of very high quality and it is possible to hunt all huntable species in Spain. I can highly recommend Iberhunting, both as partner and as a hunter, and I am always secured that my hunters gets the best possible treatment.

Norway Harald

Reference - 7

Harald & me enjoyed our hunting trip in Spain very much. It was really a new experience for us.

Denmark Jens P.

Reference - 5

I thank you for a very good hunting experience. It was exciting and different hunting because of the mountains and the challenges they give. It was a joy to see that your guide knew what he was doing; he really knew his mountain. Give him my best regards and say thank you for a good hunt.

Norway Kåre Vidar Pedersen

Reference - 4

Thanks a lot for some memorable days hunting with you for Beceites Ibex and Barbary sheep. Everything was like I expected; a professional hunt of high quality for trophy animals of the different species. Especially I find it trustwothy that hunters, who for some reason do not manage to shoot the animals they have a license for, keep this personal license for three years. Which means that they can come back once again and finish the hunt! I was also very impressed, both by the way the population of this species are regulated and by the high density of animals. And not to mention the beatyful areas we hunted in, both in Sierra nevada and Andalucia. I recomand this hunt with out no reservation.

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