Start a new adventure in search of the majestic ibex of Sierra Nevada. The weather forecasts tell us that we can only have one day of hunting, since the threat of storms makes it impossible to hunt more days.

From Iberhunting with our professional guides, we meticulously surveyed all the corners of the mountains. Until there, under a pine forest was our desired Sierra Nevada Ibex resting for what awaits these animals this month, the month of heat. The month of getting the best trophies and the month of enjoying the passion of mountain hunting.

After evaluating our trophy, and seeing that it could be our only option, we decided to go for it. We were at 160 meters the Ibex did not notice our presence and there the skill of our hunter with the quality of the ammunition Sax did the rest. A perfect shot the animal did not move, and thus we got our coveted trophy of Sierra Nevada ibex .

After celebrating our success we decided in the afternoon to continue enjoying these majestic mountains and decided to try our luck with a female, and to observe more ibex.

We were able to shoot down a beautiful female and observe two large groups of ibex that started with their fights to see who was the strongest and to be able to go with the females.

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