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Live a great hunting adventure and discovery the best spanish gastronomy with us. With our hunting programs, you will enjoy tourism, gastronomy and wine. Iberhunting is the best choise to live the best vacations in Spain. Explore the gastronomy Gredos, Beceite, Ronda or Sierra Nevada zone. Jamón, Paella, Seafood and much more.

Spanish Gastronomy

A gastronomy that is a true reflection of its geography and its climate.

Strong, delicious, and natural.

Gredos Gastronomy & Wine

Gredos Gastronomy Gredos Gastronomy Gredos Gastronomy

Exploring gastronomy in Castilla y León means finding oneself in the epicentre of roast suckling lamb, suckling pig, and kid meat. It means having fresh beef and discovering the increased use of codfish and trout in recipes. It means discovering tradition and taste in the use of basic raw materials and farm produce. It means indulging in the sublime sweets made traditionally in old monasteries and convents, pastries which are over 300 years old. It means enjoying wine country with a rich tradition, which today makes high-end wines, all along the río Duero.

Beceite Gastronomy & Wine

Beceite Gastronomy Beceite Gastronomy Beceite Gastronomy

Thanks to its geographic location near the Mediterranean, this community is a place of amazing contrasting landscapes reflected in the local cuisine, where you’ll find both traditional flavors and culinary innovations of exceptional quality.

Valencian cuisine is characterized by a wealth of recipes that are as healthy as they are delicious. The secret lies in the natural ingredients from the sea and the garden: the oils, vegetables, spices, fruits, meat and fresh fish dishes that make up the “Mediterranean Diet.”

The amazing variety of rice dishes and desserts also deserve special recognition, not to mention fruits which are offered in variety and abundance in Valencia.


Widespread fame is also enjoyed by the extensive variety of white, red and sweet wines of the Alicante, Utiel-Requena and Valencia Designations of Origin, which are perfect to accompany the most delicious recipes of Valencian cuisine.

And on the Costa del Azahar, which benefits from a splendid climate, you’ll find Villages Golf Panoramic, a residential complex located just 10 minutes from the beaches of Vinaroz. It is a place where guests can relax and those who are interested can enjoy the 18-hole golf course designed by world champion Bernard Langer.

Sierra Nevada Gastronomy & Wine

Sierra Nevada Gastronomy Sierra Nevada Gastronomy Sierra Nevada Gastronomy

Andalusia, a meeting place of culture and cuisine. The Romans taught Andalusia how to cultivate wheat and vines and used the fish from the seas to produce the best “garum” in the empire. The Arabs taught the people of Andalusia to grow fruit and vegetables. They used irrigation systems and perfected the cultivation of the olive and the production of oil. Furthermore, the Greeks, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Visigoths left their mark on the art, science, culture and gastronomy of Andalusia. This is quite a legacy and the best way to get to know it better is to sit down to the table.

A Mediterranean based gastronomy which is unique due to the extremely high quality of its ingredients from the sea or vegetable garden, and because of the use of extra virgin olive oil, an indispensable element which gives personality and distinction to these dishes, and is present in the quintessential Andalusian dish: gazpacho.

One culinary custom which is quite a tradition in Andalusia due to the favourable climatic conditions, and which can be found all year round is the “tapa”, a great way of tasting the dishes which define the universe of Andalusian gastronomy in small portions, usually accompanied by a beer or a good local wine. In the many bars and restaurants you can try countless cold or warm, simple or elaborate, seasonal tapas.

Ronda-Tejeda Gastronomy & Wine

Ronda-Tejeda Gastronomy Ronda-Tejeda Gastronomy Ronda-Tejeda Gastronomy

On the coast of Malaga, the visitor can find an inexhaustible gastronomic selection. Smaller fish (anchovies, red mullet, horse mackerel, squid and baby squid) served fried, are a symbol of a simply elaborated yet exquisitely tasty cuisine. The prawns, clams and lobsters of the bay offer a special taste, whether boiled or grilled.

Inland in the province, exquisite cold cuts, and filling dishes are prepared: veal in garlic, fried goat, hare…Gazpacho is made in many ways in Malaga: ajoblanco, porra antequerana, gazpachuelo…


We should also mention the wine of Malaga, whose fame has transcended the frontiers of Spain. Its universality comes from its age, when firstly the Phoenicians and later the Romans produced and distributed it throughout their domains. Wines with the denomination of origin “Malaga” are made using grapes of the variety “Pedro Ximenez” and “Moscatel”. These wines clearly show a Mediterranean nature, sweet and velvety. Among the most important, we can name Moscatel, Seco, Pedro Ximenez, Vino de los Montes, Lagrima, etc… A universe of tastes which visitors to this thousand-year-old land can enjoy.

Región de Murcia Gastronomy & Wine

Murcia Gastronomy Murcia Gastronomy Murcia Gastronomy

Today your taste buds are in charge and they guide you through a paradise of flavours. Today you debate over savoury or sweet. Today your mouth waters, with tastes from the orchards and mountains. Today you discover traditions with your tongue and the desserts hypnotise your stomach. Today you eat with your eyes, with all of your senses. Today more than ever, you have heaven on your palate.

Smells, tastes, textures… sensations to discover and appreciate with our senses. Here we have foods from the Region of Murcia, which will restore the pleasure of eating something authentic and natural. High quality products prepared to nourish your senses.

Spanish Seafood

The gastronomy of Murcia is healthy, tasty and varied. Each region has something of its own to offer. The recipes truly reflect the contrasts of the region and evoke the different tastes of the landscapes, inland, the vegetable gardens and the coast. This is just a small sample of the culinary expertise of this region. Enjoy!

Mallorca Gastronomy & Wine

Mallorca Gastronomy Mallorca Gastronomy Mallorca Gastronomy

The traditional dishes from Majorca’s renowned cuisine are, of course, based on the ingredients of the famous Mediterranean diet. Meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, pulses, rice, olive oil and other ingredients are skilfully combined in recipes with a long tradition to create delicious dishes that are best enjoyed accompanied by one of Majorca’s excellent wines. Without doubt Mallorca deserves to be a year round destination – the climate is mild, the food and wine are excellent, and hiking in the hills gives you a chance to work up an appetite!

In addition to amazing seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, and divine cheeses, Mallorca has become world-famous for two of its most amazing delicacies: sobrassada and the ensaïmada.