Today it was time to go for the incredible ibex of the Sierra Nevada, this year has been a rainy year and the habitat of the ibex in the Sierra Nevada mountains is usually more than 1500m above sea level. In addition, we were faced with the difficulty of snow.

We started by testing our rifle with the Sax brand ammunition that we would use to get our Ibex. Immediately afterwards we start the gear and we put on our equipment to get a snow and water test, since we will walk for a long time on snow, we use the odyssey jacket and pants of the Hunters Element brand.

We started to walk and where the sun’s rays shone the most was a group of sierra nevada ibex, which we could photograph and enjoy the ibex.

After assessing the trophy and the difficulty of reaching the Ibex group we decided to continue looking for more Ibex.

Sierra Nevada Ibex

Our Iberhunting professionals were focused on the mountainous areas where the sun shone most and where there was no snow, and we can see several groups of which being the first day of hunting decided to wait to find another Sierra Nevada Ibex larger.

The night and the cold arrived, but thanks to the Hunters Element clothes we could enjoy every second in the mountain and enjoy the high mountain hunting.

It was time to enjoy Spanish cuisine, our chef lit the fire and roasted us all kinds of meat and an incredible octopus, to gather strength for the next day.

Second day hunting

New day in the mountains of Sierra Nevada, we started by gathering strength with a good breakfast at first hour and after 40 minutes we managed to see a group of Ibex at about 900m. We decided to go for them, and after 20 minutes walking stealthily, we arrived at our position. That was fantastci, we were separated 120 meters from a group of 8 Ibex of Sierra Nevada and we had fantastic support thanks to our Viper-FLex. This is an essential tool that all Iberhunting professionals carry and we facilitate our hunters to make everything easier.

Luck was cast and hunter and Ibex were connected through the scope of the rifle waiting just for the moment to press the trigger. After several minutes in which the selected Ibex was eating, our Ibex is put in the perfect position for the shot.

Our friend and hunter from Germany achieved a perfect set of what all hunters like, the Ibex did not move a meter thanks to the great free ammunition of lead Sax. Finally, it was time to enjoy our trophy and make the photos for the memory.