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GSCO’s Purposes:

  • Continue to be the established documentation and records-keeping organization for legally-taken Grand Slams of North American Wild Sheep®, Ovis World Slams® of wild sheep of the world, Capra World Slams® of wild goats of the world and the Super Ten®, Super 25™ and Super Slam of North American Big Game®.
  • Encourage the use of legally issued permits, tags, and/or licenses for the hunting of wild mountain sheep, goats and other North American species.
  • Inform and educate people of the world about wild mountain sheep and goats and other North American big game.
  • Use financial resources to benefit, directly or indirectly, wild mountain sheep and goats and other North American big game.

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Thank you for your support!    Grand Slam Club/Ovis is a 501 (c) (3) non profit conservation organization.

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