Hunting in Australia


  • Airport: Darwin

  • Hunting Season: July, August, September

  • Duration: From 7 days

  • Accommodation: Camp

Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world. With a surface similar to the United States but with a population similar to New York. This land has been inhabited for more than 50,000 years by Aborigines.

The Northern Territory is the destination of our hunting programs and a special place where you can truly experience the greatness of nature in all its splendor. You will not find many places in the world that offer a natural space to explore so great and remote, in addition to having the privilege of knowing the aboriginal culture of their lands and their ancient stories of Dreamtime.

Hunting in Australia in the Northern Territory

It is a region of lush, green, and tropical vegetation, unlike the Red Center, of harsh and arid beauty. Darwin is the state capital, a multicultural city, and a port of entry to the wonders of the Northern Territory.
Like most of Australia, the Northern Territory is enormous, making for formidable distances from one point to another. The trip to the camp takes ten hours in an all-terrain vehicle.

Animals to hunt in Australia

Water Buffalo

Hunting in Australia water buffalo


Wild Boar

Hunting wild boar in Australia

Hunting Water Buffalo, Banteng, and Wild Boar in Australia is a unique experience that no adventurous hunter should pass up. The population of these species is abundant and of excellent quality. The months between May and October are the dry season and time chosen for our expeditions. The hunt takes place mainly in a 4×4 vehicle through semi-wooded areas until we stop at the place where unforgettable stalking will begin between picturesque valleys, springs, small streams, rivers, and cliffs with kilometers of impressive views.

Next Hunting Trip: June 1-10, 2024

Group of Bantengs in Australia during the dry season
Hunting area of Australia
Kangaroo in Australia
Visit the Opera House in Sidney
Group of Banteng in Australia
Hunting area
Sidney Opera House in Australia
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