An individual is designated as having achieved the Capra World Slam when a hunter has successfully taken and documented with GSCO at least 12 different species or subspecies of world animals. Now, Iberhunting offers you the opportunity to get six different categories of trophies for the wild species of the Capra World Slam world. A destination to enjoy the hunting world of mountain hunting and at the same time, its delicious cuisine and charming lodgments.

Half Capra World Slam in one trip

You can get your Half Capra World Slam in one trip. This means you will travel around all Spain from one corner to the other ones, enjoy as well all our different kinds of gastronomy, see the different parts of Spain, hunt all over the country and of course, we will organise sightseeing in each area too.

The six species that can be obtained from this Capra World Slam are the four Spanish ibexes, Gredos Ibex, Beceite Ibex, Southeastern Ibex, and Ronda ibex; and the two types of chamois, the Pyrenean Chamois, and Cantabria Chamois.

Iberhunting books in each area are the best hotels and if it’s possible, some of them are full of histories like small Castells, Boutique or Charm Hotel´s as well. You will enjoy the best restaurants in the area, even seafood too.

Six different species

From the impressive mountains of the Central System to the pretty scenery in the south, the four Spanish ibexes are an exciting stalking hunt.

Gredos Ibex. In the heart of Spain, a long mountain range, formed by a series of mountains among which we find la Sierra de Gredos. These mountains give the name to this subspecies of mountain goat, the Gredos Ibex.

Beceite Ibex is the subspecies of the most widely distributed wild goat on the Iberian Peninsula. One of the largest colonies of Spanish goats can be found in the Puertos de Tortosa-Beceite region. This is a mountainous massif located between the provinces of Tarragona (Catalonia), Teruel (Aragón) and Castellón (Valencia) where the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range and the Iberian System meet.

Beceite ibex trophy for Half Capra World Slam

The southeastern ibex or Sierra Nevada ibex can be found all over the Eastern side of Andalusia in the provinces of Granada, Almeria, and Jaen. This is a really exciting mountain hunt were to live a real wild hunt.

The Spanish Ibex of Ronda which is distributed across South Spain, in the province of Málaga. A perfect place for a combination of an exciting hunt in a pretty scenery in lovely accommodation with delicious and traditional food.

Ronda ibex trophy for Half Capra World Slam

The Pyrenean Chamois is hunted in areas with an altitude between 1300 and 2600 meters, adapted to the physical conditions of every hunter. Where the incredible mountains of the Pyrenees will await you for an epic adventure.

And the Cantabrian Chamois which we can find in the Cordillera Cantábrica, a mountainous range situated in northern Spain, between the provinces of León, Asturias, Cantabria and Lugo.

Super 20 and Super 30

The Half Capra World Slam will be the trip of your life as an individual hunter or with your wife, family, or friends. This is a great opportunity to discover Spain as one of the oldest countries in Europe.

But also for the hunters who already have over 20 species from the Capra World Slam because we offer you the Balearean Boc in Mallorca. A very recommended hunt because this Island is one of the beautiful parts of Spain. With great and nice beaches, restaurants, cozy hotels, wines, and of course the hunt. The hunting area is in one of the areas of Palma de Mallorca, where you can see all the ocean. While hunting you feel like you are on a cruiser.

And of course, the Mallorcan wild goat can be combined with any other kind of hunt in Spain. Do not lose the chance to get your Half Capra World Slam in a spectacular trip around Spain so contact us now. Also, discover your benefits getting your Capra World Slam with Iberhunting.