The Capra World Slam is the achievement of taking 12 different species of “capra” (goats) from around the world. And now, if you decide to get your Capra World Slam with Iberhunting you will get benefits. Furthermore, you can get six of them in Spain and Iberhunting offers you the opportunity to get the Half Capra World Slam in one trip.

The taking of a Capra World Slam is probably the single most physically difficult accomplishment in the mountain hunting world. The Capra goats live normally in some of the most difficult mountain habitat on the face of the earth. Grand Slam Club/Ovis has defined well over 30 different trophy categories for the world’s wild mountain Capra species. To get your Slam, it require 12 different species (subspecies) of world animals, with the some exceptions: Mallorcan Wild Goat, Bezoar (Hybrid) Ibex and Kri-Kri (Hybrid) Ibex do not count for the 12, but  counted for the Super 20 and Super 30; Feral Goat does not count for the 12 or Super 20, but counted for the Super 30.

The benefits getting your Slam with Iberhunting

To all hunters adventurers that decide to get his or her Capra World Slam with Iberhunting will have these benefits to enjoy, even more, Spain.

*By 7 species: you will get a Spanish Ibex Bronze medal for free.

*By 15 species: you will get a Cantabrian or Pyrenean Chamois Bronze medal for free.

*By 30 species: you will get a Balearen Boc Bronze medal for free.

** Trophy fee will for free

Many possibilities for your Capra World Slam

You have many possibilities to get your Capra World Slam with us. Maybe your dream is to hunt in Asia. A continent full of contrast, cultural diversity, friendly and simple people and stunning landscapes. In this case, we can recommend you the Middle Asian Ibex in Kazakhstan where waiting for you is an exciting high mountain stalking that will culminate with the satisfaction of hunting a great trophy.

Another species you can choose to achieve the Slam is travelling to Oceania. In New Zealand the Tahr hunting is an exciting experience in one of the most beautiful countries in the world for its varied and impressive landscape. We also offer different excursions for accompanying persons ranging from hiking and mountain biking routes to tourist visits to local towns and large cities such as Queenstown or wine cellars.

Europe is also home to many of the Capra World Slam trophies. This is the case of the Alpine Chamois in Austria. Its hunting is one of the most recognized in Europe due to its relative scarcity, of the terrain and the quality of the experience. And this beautiful country offers a wide tourist offer that can be combined with any of our hunting packages.

The impressive Bezoar Ibex from Turkey is also one of the 12 species you can choose to achieve the Capra World Slam. If you are a mountain hunter you will enjoy this hunt like the most. The landscape of this region is made up mostly of high plateaus and mountain ranges, with only a few plains. Even more, the Bezoar Ibex is considered among all of its kind of the most valued.

These are only a few examples of what you can hunt with Iberhunting to get the Capra World Slam. We invite you to choose the species from the list you would like to hunt with us and contact us for more information. 


  • Bezoar Ibex

  • Kri-Kri ibex

  • Persian Desert Ibex

  • Sindh Ibex

  • Gredos Ibex

  • Beceite Ibex

  • Southeastern Ibex

  • Ronda Ibex

  • Alpine Ibex

  • Nubian Ibex

  • Mid-Asian Ibex

  • Himalayan Ibex

  • Altay Ibex

  • Gobi Ibex

  • Pyrenan Chamois

  • Cantabrian Chamois

  • Alpine Chamois

  • New Zealand Chamois

  • Carpathian Chamois

  • Balkan Chamois

  • Caucasian Chamois

  • Anatolian Chamois

  • Low Tatra Chamois

  • Chartreuse Chamois

  • Vercors Chamois

  • Himalayan Tahr

  • Himalayan/New Zealand Tahr

  • Dagestan Tur

  • Kuban (Western) Tur

  • Mid Caucasian Tur

  • Goral

  • Serow

  • Bukharan Markhor

  • Astor Markhor

  • Kashmir Markhor

  • Kabul Markhor

  • Sulaiman Markhor

  • Chiltan Wild Goat

  • Mallorcan Wild Goat

  • Bezoar (Hybrid) Ibex

  • Kri-Kri (Hybrid) Ibex

  • Feral Goat