Tajikistan is the paradise of the Marco Polos and the Pamir Ibex. It is the country with the most mountainous and surprising landscapes in the world. Hunting in Tajikistan is the dream of any hunter. It is a destination that every adventurer should try.

There is always a first time when a client hires us a Marco Polo and an Ibex Pamir. From Iberhunting, we accompany our clients on these hunting expeditions at all times, from when the reservation is confirmed until they return home. We know the feeling after booking this hunt in Tajikistan. The uncontrolled excitement and the tingling in the body, knowing that you are finally going to live that great adventure in Tajikistan. As CEO of Iberhunting, I have accompanied several clients on their first trip to Tajikistan; however, in each of the expeditions, I continue to be as excited as the first day.

Adrenaline rush

From the first moment of the reservation, you have to start planning down to the smallest detail, or at least all the specifics that we can control. And many circumstances make the adrenaline never stop in this adventure. The nature that surrounds us is not prepared, so we are exposed to luck and the good work of our guides.

In theory, everything seems much effortless than in practice. But when you are at almost 5,500 meters of altitude and you start to see those immense mountains, your feeling is that they are very close. However, when you start walking towards them is when you realize that they are so vast and, it seems that they are moving away from you at every step. Sometimes you notice that the fingers of the hands, or the toes, or even the ears go numb. But when you see the first Marco Polo or Ibex Pamir, all of that disappears.

Your heart is racing at a thousand an hour, from the thrill of seeing them, the responsibility of having to select the right trophy and to lead the hunter to success. As guides, we always try to do everything possible so that the client gets their best trophy, but notably, the most crucial part is in the hands of the shooter. The real triumph always belongs to the hunter.

Hunting area in Tajikistan

In our hunting areas in Tajikistan, there is usually a good density of species. So if there is a missed shot, no problem as the shooting distances are between 250 and 600 meters, and most of the time, it is possible to have a chance.

And after the shot comes one of the most desired moments: the meeting with Marco Polo or the Ibex Pamir. The mere fact of being able to caress and see so close to these trophies is a wonder and a godsend.

After more than 30 years working in Iberhunting, I have accompanied excited hunters, and I have excited with them too. That is why we have to give thanks for the existence of these animals and for bringing us so much happiness. At Iberhunting, we firmly believe in hunting as a means of conservation and management of natural resources. So we only work in those areas where regulation allows the protection and preservation of nature and its biodiversity.

Anyone who wants to hunt in Tajikistan and live this incredible hunting experience now has the opportunity to do it on our guided trip to this country in 2021. It would be a pleasure for me to be able to accompany you in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Antonio Teruel