Meet Jerry, an intrepid hunter who has once again joined us on an exhilarating hunt, this time in Pakistan. Jerry’s passion for hunting knows no bounds, having previously joined us on memorable hunts in Spain.

In Pakistan, Jerry set his sights on the Sindh Ibex and the Blandford Urial. Despite facing adverse weather conditions in the final days of his hunting trip, Jerry’s determination remained unwavering. Regrettably, the challenging weather thwarted our plans to hunt the coveted Punjab Urial during our time in Pakistan.

Nevertheless, Jerry’s spirit and enthusiasm never faltered, and his determination to conquer new challenges only grew stronger.

Jerry with his Blandford Urial hunt trophy in Pakistan
Jerry's Blandford Urial hunting trophy in Pakistan
Jerry with his Sindh ibex hunt trophy in Pakistan
Sindh ibex hunt in Pakistan

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