Meet Joel, an avid hunter and valued companion who has joined us once again on an unforgettable hunting adventure, this time in Tajikistan. Joel’s passion for hunting has taken him across the globe, and we’ve been fortunate to share many remarkable expeditions. In Tajikistan, Joel set his sights on two prized trophies: the Pamir Ibex and the Marco Polo sheep.

As we reflect on our time in Tajikistan, we’re thrilled to share the breathtaking images of Joel in action, capturing the essence of our Pamir Ibex hunt and Marco Polo hunt. Join us in celebrating Joel’s success and the unforgettable memories we’ve created together in this wild and remote corner of the world.

Stay tuned as we prepare to embark on our next hunting expedition, where we’ll be hunting the Blandford Urial, Sindh Ibex and Bujara Markhor of Pakistan. Join us as we share stories, photos, and insights from our upcoming adventure.