An Epic Chamois Hunt

Dawn breaks over the Pyrenees, marking the start of a year that’s been unusual due to the lack of rain. However, the mountains always hold surprises, and this time a late spring snowfall sets the stage for an epic and unforgettable chamois hunt.

We begin our ascent up the impressive Spanish Pyrenees, with their endless, majestic slopes. Soon, we spot the first chamois, both females and young males, foraging for fresh shoots. After several hours of hiking without finding a mature chamois worth pursuing, we decide to take a midday break to recharge and head towards another ravine where we believe the chamois might be sheltering from the wind.

During our picnic, we soak in the vastness of these mountains. Suddenly, we spot a chamois lying down, but the slope, distance, and bright sun make it difficult to evaluate its trophy. We decide to get closer for a better look, but unfortunately, the chamois notices us and bolts down the slope.

The Final Approach

Determined, we continue our search and eventually relocate the same chamois on the opposite slope, within an old sheep pen where the grass grows lush thanks to the manure. It’s about 900 yards away, but this time we can approach without being seen.

Our local guide stays back to keep watch and provides us with directions via radio. We position ourselves at 300 yards, in a perfect spot, and our friend Curtis takes down an extraordinary 14-year-old Pyrenean Chamois. This chamois marks his 10th Capra, bringing him one step closer to achieving his Capra Slam next September in the mountains of Mongolia.